• Churches are too commercialized

    We should be supporting a MISSION for God. We should follow The Great Commission, "to make disciples of all nations. . . " as Matthew 28:19 states. We should support our pastors in assisting to go out into our communities, Live Christ like lives rather than only telling someone but to live it. Nowadays, Churches have become all about the shows and competition of other churches. We are not only to have self edification but to provide encouragement to others while witnessing and giving personal testimonies of what God has done in our lives

  • Of course, they are.

    There can be no doubt. Look at the televangelist/megachurches. Every TV preacher has their own CDs for a minimum donation. That is the same as sales. They have literature for actual sales. They have telethons to raise money, this is commercialization. The Bible does not teach this anywhere. All ministries/churches etc. are to be supposed by tithes (10 percent of income) and by "free-will offering."
    With every broadcast there is segment devoted to soliciting funds and selling of merchandise. Simply is not scriptural.

  • Yes, Denominations have their own publishing companies.

    In my opinion as a Lutheran, that each denomination has their own branding and marketing. My denomination, NALC, market their selves as being your grandparent church in their services. The ELCA uses diversity to market themselves. Each denomination has their publishing company. NALC uses Sola Publishing, and the ELCA has Augsburg Fortress to publish their literature. Missouri Synod seems to own Concordia Publishing House. From my experience, these publishing companies enrich the denomination offices at the expense of social program to help uplift the poor . Their overprice literature are leading these church into ineffective programs, that cannibalize the resources of church members to benefit the denomination.

  • Yes, some are

    Yes, I believe some churches are much too commercialized and they seriously stray away from the true message of Jesus. Yes, I know churches are out to spread the word of Jesus and Christianity, but when they commercialize like they do, it becomes more of a business than spreading the good news.

  • Yes, they are.

    It is sad, but in today's society many of the churches around are very much commercialized and less about the actual spiritual home it used to be. People seemed to have forgotten what the point of the church is, and are so busy trying to make money for the church they lose sight of what it stands for.

  • Yes, most of them are.

    I believe that most churches are too commercialized now days. Jesus taught not to make his father's house a house of merchandise. I believe that many churches are doing this. The churches should be about the words of Christ and what he taught, not about making a profit. It is giving Christianity a bad name.

  • No churches are not too commercialized.

    No, I do not believe that churches are too commercialized. Churches just want what is best for them and their congregation. Even though mega-churches keep popping up very often and everywhere, I think that these types of churches want to promote the Word of God and not get too commercialized.

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