Are cigarettes more harmful than marijuana?

Asked by: Anna1
  • Ab so lutely

    Yes, simply put. Not a single soul has died from smoking marijuana. Not even me. Yet it seems like countless die from cigarettes every year. If there are long term effects of marijuana they're probably slight at best and nothing life threatening. Although pot can be obviously be misused, the reality has been hidden for to long.

  • A few points to consider

    I'll take the path less traveled and qualify my decision by saying that we can't know. I don't think that we've been able to study marijuana use or see the ramifications within society to the extent that we've seen them with cigarettes, and I don't think marijuana has gotten to the point commercially that modern tobacco products have (and by that I mean additives, refinement, so on, so that, hypothetically, if marijuana were commercialized to the same extent, with the same commercial goals in mind, it could very well become quite a different substance).

    It also depends greatly on how you define harm. IMO physical harm that a person chooses to inflict on himself is his business. 2nd or 3rd hand harm is still an issue being wrestled with and legislated. I argue that if 2nd and 3rd hand harms exist for tobacco products, they do or could potentially exist for cannabinoids. However, beyond the physical effects of cigarettes, there doesn't appear to be long lasting mental side effects. And while the mental side effects in marijuana are contested, and albeit rather minor in the majority of instances, in my personal experience I have worked with several individuals whose mental capacities and personalities were severely altered, if not diminished by its long-term use. I am personally more deeply troubled by that particular brand of harm. There are other types of harm which I am not equipped to discuss presently, but I hope someone else will take them up. Thanks.

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