Are cigarettes more harmful to society than alcohol?

  • I feel that cigarettes are more harmful to society than alcohol due to it affecting the health of both the smoker and those around him.

    When it comes to a health standpoint, cigarettes are more harmful to society then alcohol. Alcohol creates damage to the body to the person drinking it. However, with smoking the smoke affects both the one smoking and the people around them through second hand smoke. Many children have suffered from multiple ear infections, bronchitis, and many other ailments due to the fact that they have had a smoking parent.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Yes they are

    People can be taught to drink responsibly but with cigarettes, you have to get them to stop smoking completely. Its about habits, if you can't stop at one drink then yes it could be harmful, but if you are conditioned to use it responsibly then what is the problem. Cigarettes are the number one cause of preventable deaths in America...You can't say that about alcohol

  • Smoking and the cause to the environment

    Smoking a cigarette around other people potentially can force them to smoke what your smoking by second hand smoke. Smoke in general causes harm to the environment, People and it creates many problems. Overall drinking is bad for your liver and brain. Smoking is bad for the whole body and effect almost all your organs in time. Drunk drivers kill many but I think if as many people smoked then it would be a cancer ridden apocalypse. Both drinking and smoking though can effect your children and their lives while smoking can cause health problems to your kids, because they can't get away from it. From a statistical standpoint it is very close but smoking is defiantly more harmful in all areas.

  • Of course it is

    People who want to blame alcohol over cigarettes need to understand how tobacco truly harms our society. However, before I get into that I will say that both have an effect on others around them. Tobacco has an instant affect where as alcohol is effective over time.
    When people are smoking around others, the second hand smoke creeps into everyone's lungs that are nearby. Children are being harmed anytime their parents or friends or people surrounding them take their first puff of a cigarette. A recent study showed that when children under the age of 13 were to come up to an adult who was smoking and ask for a cigarette they were denied it and advised that SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU. The children then said, THEN WHY ARE YOU SMOKING. If children can realize the issues with is why can't our adults? They notice the alcohol too but are not affected by it until someone abuses the intake of it. Alcohol does not pollute the air we breath, it does not cause as many deaths as tobacco. The CDC shared that over 400,000 deaths a year were attributed to tobacco use. Alcohol is only in the 20, 000's. Those odds are better and could be minimized as well. If people want to live in a better healthier world we need to treat out bodies like a temple, and those around us with a respect for their well being. Enough said.

  • It is like poison vs bad habit.

    I used to smoke and drink. Now I kicked both of them.
    Kicking nicotine is something you which will let you know why it is a drug. Go search a bit to find how harmful it is.
    On another side, very minimum amount of alcohol is even good for health.
    68% voters says no means 68% is smoker who don't want to see it that way.

  • Smoking is more addictive

    Smoking is more addictive. I would assert that most people are addicted after a handful of them, but this has no scientific value - its just based on my personal exp. In short: I was addicted quickly. I've heard/read more than once -from different sources- that nicotine is as addictive as heroin. I was very surprised to see the poll being: 30% smoking - 70% alcohol. I thought it was an obvious YES since smoking is (and who doubts this?) really f'ing filled with crap. Maybe I'm not knowladgeable enough about this subject or people in general just fear alcohol more because its effects are quicker visible. My answer is: Both are bad. Smoking is worst.

  • Cigarette smoking is dumb

    One person smoking has a negative effect on every person close enough to inhale secondhand smoke. There are as many reckless smokers out there on the road as there are drunk drivers. I swerved to avoid a guy smoking and talking on his cell phone on my way home. Cigarette butts recklessly flicked out windows, on streets, from bikes, clog our drains and pollute our waters for decades.

  • Responsible! Reasonable! Careful!

    I may only be young,not old enough to drink or smoke but I have witnessed my families unforgiving pain due to loss of those who have smoked.Friends.Family or just random pedestrians have died from cancer in the lungs and other places.Smoking causes 1in 4 cancer related deaths and causes 5x more deaths of then by overdose,murder, suicide and HIV put together!

    Plus in Bhutan it is illegal to sell tobacco products meaning no cigarettes and there population is 741,822people compared to the UK with only 63,230people.This clearly shows that because of cancer that smoking is giving us we are during younger and quicker.

    Finally drinking is mainly a thing you do with friends or at a celebration the reason people get addicted is obviously because they merely have to many celebrations or have far to much spare time

  • Throw cigarettes in dustbin

    As smokers, we don't think about the chemicals in cigarettes. We think about how cigarettes help us cope with the stress of daily life, how they calm us down when we're angry, help us relax at the end of a long day, comfort us when we're sad or lonely. Harmful chemicals in cigarettes? No, we do our best to avoid thinking about that.
    The truth of the matter is that smoking does the opposite of just about everything we give it credit for. When the chemicals in cigarettes are inhaled, they put our bodies into a state of physical stress by sending literally thousands of poisons, toxic metals and carcinogens coursing through our bloodstream with every puff we take.

    Stop it ! Live it ! Feel it

  • I believe that cigarettes are more harmful than alcohol, because second-hand smoke spreads to others.

    Smoking cigarettes opens the possibility to the people that are around you to breathe second-hand smoke. This increases the risk of cancer in others around you. Also, smoke is bad for the environment and the ozone layer. Excluding the driving issue, smoking cigarettes is more harmful to society than drinking alcohol.

    Posted by: SRaphael
  • Harmful to Society? Let's Think More Critically About This

    Does alcohol really harm society? That is by itself, regardless of anything else? If I drink some alcohol am I harming society no matter how it turns out? Of course not. If I get drunk and get into a fight then I'm harming society. If I drink and drive then I'm harming society but in both cases the alcohol didn't harm society, I DID. I should've known whether I would've been able to handle the alcohol and perhaps I could have but fought anyways, you don't know that the drunk person in a fight couldn't have resisted the urge, you assume that.
    So alcohol may 'harm' society in an indirect way but the real harm is people being irresponsible.
    As for cigarettes that doesn't even alter your mind. People just tossing them everywhere harms society, but that's littering harming society not cigarettes harming society. A person could smoke, could properly dispose of the cigarettes, and could take pains to avoid exposing children or non-consenting others to their smoke (which BTW if you walk in a place you know permits smoking and you don't need to be there you've consented).
    As to lost productivity, that's a stretch because the person could just not smoke or drink but still be a bum and not go to work. And in this case it's not not-working that's harming society its what ever entitlements the person is taking. Lost productivity over and above breaking even is not harming society, it's not-helping, there's a difference.
    And monetarily, studies show that unhealthy behaviors including smoking and obesity (at least in Europe) leads to people dying at younger ages enough that the projected saved health expenses from dying young and avoiding old age health problems outweighs the added expenses due to illness related to smoking and obesity. So, saying someone is hurting society because they are behaving in a way that leads to more health care expenses down the road isn't a valid argument unless you want us to start actually measuring these things instead of relying on assumptions and then taking the measurements and persuading or even requiring unhealthy things in order to save money. I think it's a better idea to accept that while ever action we take will in some way alter health care expenses in the future having money without freedom is pointless so we shouldn't concern ourselves with what X or Y behavior does to health care expenses. If we do it and we're actually serious about it it would mean encouraging or even requiring smoking.
    Instead of getting angry at things that are sometimes involved in irresponsible people hurting society, let's get angry at the irresponsible people and punish them and not place blame where it doesn't belong.

  • Alcohol Cuts Deeper Than The Body

    Cigarettes are clearly harmful to the physical body, but they don't have the moral, emotional and mental effects that alcohol does (as well as legal problems). Even if you're a moderate drinker it can cause you to make irresponsible decisions and say things that you later regret. Look at all the crimes where alcohol is involved and how it destroys marriages and families. Cigarettes may kill the body, but alcohol can destroy the soul.

  • Alcohol has a greater negative impact on society because...

    The number of crimes, violet incidents, avoidable accidents or injuries, plus health related diseases due to alcohol consumption, are far greater (when all combined) than those connected to tobacco. I would also imagine that there are a greater number of families that have been damaged or even destroyed because of the destructive influence of alcohol abuse. Therefore I would deduce that alcohol is a more harmful substance.

  • Look at Australia

    They spend millions of dollars because of alcohol damage- health, people, society, places.

    Cigarettes cut the lifespan and the total toll of alcohol is worse, in millions.

    Anyone who studies the effect of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs in society in the university know the truth of how alcohol is deadlier that the most habitual of smoker. Alcohol hurts everyone(fights drink driving) but smoking makes the person die earlier that is it.

  • Alcohol is more dangerous to society than cigarettes are, because it affects more than just the user.

    Cigarettes primarily kill those who smoke them. Yes, second-hand smoke is a potential problem, but given all the laws banning indoor smoking, that's less of an issue than it used to be. Drinking, on the other hand, is far more dangerous. No one ever died because of a smoking driver. But, thousands die every year because of drunk drivers.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • I do not think that cigarettes are more harmful to society than alcohol, because of the instances of drunk driving.

    I do not think that cigarettes are more harmful to society than alcohol. But, I do think that the damage the two do is comparable, since both can be fatal, and the industries for both are driven by addiction.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • I believe that alcohol is more harmful to society than cigarettes, because alcohol can more directly affect innocent bystanders.

    As much as cigarettes pollute the air, alcohol can impact our society in more harmful ways. For example, individuals who drink and drive are more harmful than those who smoke and drive. Also, people who are alcoholics tend to have more problems in their family life, than those who are addicted to smoking cigarettes.

    Posted by: AmazingJunior58
  • Cigarettes and alcohol are both harmful, but more accidents are caused by alcohol.

    Cigarettes are deadly to the smokers and to those around them, but they do not impair their motor skills or brain function. You will never see a car accident caused by smoking, or someone getting into a bar fight and breaking a box of cigarettes over another person's head. They're less dangerous.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • Cigarettes are more harmful to a specific individual but not society as a whole.

    Since the smoking ban has went into effect I don't think cigarettes are harmful to society. Less people, and that is a serious understatement, are victimized by second hand smoke. Smoking affects the health of the person who uses it. With alcohol there are many dangers. You have the people who drink and drive and kill a family of four, you have brutal bar fights, and young women who drink too much and find themselves a victim of a sexual predator. Alcohol makes some people stupid, alcohol can make some people violent, and alcohol makes people unable to care for themselves should anything happen. Abuse of both cigarettes and alcohol can slowly kill someone, but how many innocent people lose their lives due to cigarette related crimes? I'd wager to say none.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyHaIey
  • Alcohol is more harmful to society than cigarettes, because the negative consequences of drinking extend beyond those who partake.

    Both alcohol and tobacco have negative health consequences for their users. But smoking cigarettes does not cause the same dangerous mental state as alcohol abuse. Smokers do not become intoxicated, do not lose control of any vehicles or machinery they are operating, and do not otherwise act more dangerously, to themselves and others, than they would have without using tobacco. Alcohol, however, can cause all of these things. While there are concerns regarding second-hand smoke, these risks have been greatly exaggerated.

    Posted by: S Key

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Both are so bad either way and im 10