Are circumcised penises more attractive to females than uncircumcised penises?

  • Circumcised looks sexier

    90% of women I know prefer the look of a circumcised penis and are OK with sucking it because its cleaner. Its like a man has freed his cockhead for action and uncut can be cheesy and smelly and look just awful. Circumcised men are a turn on. Uncircumcised are not.

  • Most penises in America are circumscised, so it's off-putting to run across one that's not.

    Circumcision is the norm in America - most doctors recommend the procedure for baby boys, and so the likelihood of coming across a penis that is not circumcised is low, and therefore a little uncomfortable for women who haven't seen one before. Of course, if you've only had one sexual partner, then whatever you've got is what you have, so to speak, and one is no more attractive than the other.

  • Make The Circumcision Decision

    Women prefer circumcised penises. For one thing, a circumcised appendage is easier to keep clean and, therefore, creates a more inviting sexual situation. Plus, the extra flap of skin on an uncircumcised penis is a turn off to most women who perform felatio. Females prefer the sleek look and feel of a circumcised erect penis.

  • Cut is king

    I'm an uncut gay guy that worships circumcised men. It's more hygienic and masculine without the effeminate foreskin. I can go down on my man and he's always clean. He lasts longer during anal sex and can fuck harder and rougher. And circumcised tops love to dominate an uncircumcised inferior bottom boy like me!

  • Circumcised penises are for men, uncircumcised penises are for boys.

    Sleek and clean cut looking of circumcised penis is sexy not to mention manly. Glan exposure of a penis makes it look it is always ready-for-action. If a grown up men have a penis fully covered with foreskin, it looks weird. Circumcised one looks masculine and sexual, if the procedure was done properly. If you are uncircumcised, you can transform your boyish penis into cool, masculine sex tool. You can treat your self with circumcision to celebrate your adulthood, making it rite of passage, to feel proud and responsible as an adult. Or, you can have it done with your fellow guy friends for true male-bonding experience. Sharing healing process// Apperance wise circumcision is always a nicest cut, sensitivity wise it is not a loss it is just different from what you used to have. You'll seek for sex rather than masturbation thus becoming a real man.

  • Cut is way cooler

    I love my cut dick - it's so high they say it's a Kentucky cut - 'cut back to the balls'. And it looks awesome. What's not to like? Girls like it, boys like it. Circumcised just looks better and who wants a cheesy dick? Foreskins are disgusting! Circumcised is cool!

  • Whether a circumcised penis is more attractive to females than an uncircumcised one depends on the female.

    It is impossible to definitively state whether a circumcised penis is more attractive than an uncircumcised one. What people find appealing in members of the opposite sex is large due to societal conditioning. In cultures in which circumcision is customary, women are pre-conditioned to find circumcised penises more attractive. Likewise, in cultures in which circumcision is not customary, the opposite would be true.

  • No, they are equal.

    While American women are used to circumcised penises and the initial sight of an uncircumcised penis is a bit shocking, they are equally as attractive. In Europe, the opposite could be said with the same result. It's about perception and the person who is attached to the appendage that makes an experience.

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