• Cities breed unhappiness especially among the innocent

    Cities crowd people together, creating tension, spreading
    disease, and encouraging crime. Cities create problems, especially for the innocents
    who come to the city expecting to find wealth, excitement, and happiness. Usually,
    they find only poverty and despair, but the few exceptions start the legends
    that keep people flocking to the cities.

  • Yes, cities are a creator of crisis.

    Yes, cities are a creator of crisis in many different aspects. For starters, having people more condense make natural disasters leading to a crisis more common. Population density can make an outbreak of a disease much more likely to spread as well as make an area a high potential for attack. Cities have there benefits, but with all benefits comes certain down sides. Crisis is much more common to occur where more people and more technology exists.

  • Cities creat criseses.

    From what I have noticed in my lifetime, cities are much more affluent and educated and there is more money to be made, but along with this comes more crime, pointless complexity, and corruption. Also more power-hungry people in cities. Rural or suburban folks have much more realistic, easy-going lifestyles.

  • Community Works Together

    From my experience in the United States I have never seen a city create a crisis, but I've seen members of a city work together to form a solution for a crisis. Living in the Midwest and the south I've seen communities pull together during and after floods and some tornado's. It always amazes me how willing people are to work together when crisis's such as these come about.

  • Cities Inherently Create Catastrophic Chaos

    Just by the simple fact that cities are populated by such a mass of differing
    peoples in itself creates such a diverse number of opinions and viewpoints;
    chaos and crisis seemingly awaits at every doorstep. Cities lure people in with the mythical
    belief that life in the big city is full of pleasure and offers a plethora of
    sources of entertainment. This mistakenly leads people to cling to a belief all will be a
    bed of roses if we move to the city. This fantasy land belief system is
    immediately shattered when the rise in crime, drug use, and insensitivity
    towards neighbors, along with other derogatory perceptions; begin to surface as
    the norm. Then after the bubble is burst, many of the city denizens rightfully
    fall into a depressive state because they feel they can never escape the
    clutches of city chaos.

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