• Yes, citizens are prone to do the right thing for society.

    Yes, citizens are prone to do the right thing for society. It is a sense of pride and respect for people and the worlds as a whole. There are always the people in the world that don't care who they step on or how bad they hurt others, but most people are not like that. All it takes is one person to do something horrific and everyone citizen will question everyone else. The safer citizens feel, the more likely the will do the right thing for society as well. It is a group effort.

  • Yes, they are

    Aside from criminals who take pride in making a place less safe and chaotic, I do think most people want to do the right thing for society and want a better world to live in. Now, the idea of what is best differes between people, but I believe most ultimately want a better world.

  • Man chooses kindness over cruelty.

    If you notice, a man of today's society is less than involved. It is known that men will chose to disregard most situations and stay out of drama that surrounds them everyday.. When confronted with a conflict, it is known to most people that in today's society that if their is a group of people and they notice that someone is distressed and needs help, someone will step up to save the day. In a case in Florida, a woman started screaming as her baby started to choke. A man shopping nearby took action, without any other thought. He saved this child, whom he didn't know and never had a second of doubt. It just goes to show you that it is in our nature to help people. It is in our nature to take charge of an emergent situation. It is known to us that most people will stop and help no matter if it is a flat tire or a child choking. You can usually count on society.

  • People are capable of good and bad.

    No, citizens are not prone to do the right thing for society, because people have a sinful nature. People are capable of being very good, and people are capable of being very bad. People need the structure and laws of society in order to confine their behavior to what is good for all of society.

  • No, citizens are not prone to do the right thing for society.

    I think the saying goes "man is inherently evil". I can probably say if I found a bag of money, it would stay my bag of money, even if it belonged to some old lady. I however wouldn't push someone off a cliff if they bothered me, its all about you in the moment. If that's illegal, that might be a game changer. I'd rather not do the right thing either way.

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