Are climate change advocates more Nostradamus than Galileo at this point?

Asked by: DavidMGold
  • It's politics masquerading as science..

    The IPCC's report admits the rate of warming is overstated - 0.12 C vs. The projected 0.13 C. A leaked final draft of the IPCC that imminent forecasts of doom ahead were wrong and the computers got the effect of greenhouse gas wrong. Al Gore claimed that by 2013 summer Arctic ice could disappear but he was only off by 920,000 square miles. A study by Nature Climate Change of 117 warming predictions from the 1990s found that only 3 were accurate. Another study found that the claimed consensus of 97.1% is actually only 0.3%. Perhaps that's why Cass Sunstein says people aren't people need to be made more afraid and an environmental group is petitioning to have hurricanes named after anyone remotely skeptical of alarmism. We can just ignore that satellite temperatures have been flat for 200 months and counting.

  • On the whole, no

    While notable exceptions exist, most climate change scientists adhere strictly to the scientific method. Their reception within politics is skeptical, because politics represents an arena with very little attention span, while climate patterns oscillate over decades and centuries. Climate change theory also has grave implications for human lifestyle, so the one-dimensional nature of politics is motivated to tick against it when temperatures go down or when its advocates miss a typo, but it remains true regardless of its opposition because it relies on empirical data. It is far more Galileo than Nostradamus.

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