Are climate models flawed because of their overestimation of temperature increases due to carbon dioxide?

  • due to carbon dioxide

    The debate about global warming has reached ridiculous proportions and is full of micro-thin half-truths and misunderstandings. I am a scientist who was on the carbon gravy train, understands the evidence, was once an alarmist, but am now a skeptic. Watching this issue unfold has been amusing but, lately, worrying. This issue is tearing society apart, making fools out of our politicians.

  • No, they are not.

    No, I do not believe that climate models are flawed. I do not believe that there is an overestimation of temperature increased due to carbon dioxide. If there is an overestimation, I don't believe that it is by much. Climate change is real and it is happening because of us. The ice caps are melting at an exponentially faster rate than ever before. Almost all scientists agree that global warming is real and it is dangerous.

  • No, climate models actually underestimate the temperature.

    Climate models are not flawed in the fact that they overestimate the temperature. In fact, may are flawed for the exact opposite reason. Many of the models underestimate how bad climate change is in relation to human activity. Between extreme heat events in Texas, Europe, and other parts of the world not to mention super storms, it is pretty evident t that climate change is happening more quickly than was predicted.

  • The did not go wrong

    No, they are not wrong, and they did not overestimate anything. Scientists have been very accurate with the predictions that they have formed, and they have used the trends of the last century to show what this planet is going towards. They know what is going to happend down the road.

  • They aren't flawed.

    As a matter of fact, climate models have not overestimated anything. Their predictions and estimations have been too conservative. Far too conservative. Temperature increases because of carbon dioxide are actually higher than originally thought, and we are in even deeper trouble than we originally had thought. No, the models weren't overestimating.

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