• Yes!!! They are!!!

    Most people don't really understand cloning, and they pretend they do, even though they don't really understand it (I don't either, but I understand it a tiny bit better than those scrubs). Anyways, the basic idea is that you stem cells from a person and combine them with an unfertilited egg, and shove it into a woman's ovaries.

  • They are human if the DNA is human

    If it is a human clone then it is indeed a human. There are clones of different kinds of animals, although we don't know of the existence of human clones.

    Nevertheless, human clones are human because they have a complete human genome. I won't argue about "conscience" or anything of that nature because not all humans have conscience (they could be brain damaged).

    Hence, they are human. All of this sounds tautological, but it seems that some people don't know that humans are humans.

  • A clone is human.

    Clones are humans because they got brains, and nerves. They would have brains just like non-cloned humans. They would have hearts and a would know right and wrong. They could also act differently to their surroundings too. A clone may have the same genetic material, but that doesn't mean that they act or think alike. Clones are humans just like us, they might be genetically altered or whatever but their still human.

  • Cause they aint humen MAN

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