• Still Too Many Benefits To Ignore

    Saving to the cloud takes away the physical data saving necessary for the advancement of technology. Cloud-based programs allow for remote access, which is the main reason for the expansion of the speed of communication. Security concerns are obviously extremely important, but the benefits far outweigh the vast majority of the risks.

  • Yes, I think they are much more interesting.

    Yes, I think they are much more interesting. I love cloud based data storage. I think having a place where no matter where you go in the world you can access is quite wonderful to me. You have to careful for shore but I think its a wonderful idea people need.

  • Cloud Based Programs are Better

    Cloud-based programs are better for several reasons. First, they can be accessed quickly and by many, with very few steps. Cloud-based programs don't have worry about a computer crashing and losing information or natural disasters which could bring an entire system down. Cloud-based programs provide a higher level of security and user ease.

  • No, they aren't.

    Although I do love the cloud and all of the services and things I can store there I am ultimately not convinced of its safeness. I think the recent celebrity hacking scandal can prove that the cloud may be a ver unsafe place and therefore I don't think cloud based programs are better just yet.

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