Are co-ed schools better than single-sex schools?

  • It's better to be co-education

    Because the co-educational will improve the productivity for both genders especially for male because the females are more intelligent and they will help each other in classes. Also, students would like to work as a group because they are looking to the beautiful faces will reflect their performance as well.

  • Coed schools are better

    Children need to feel comfortable with the opposite sex because when they get older and have to talk to a boy for work, then the girls might be embarrassed. Boys and girls are not different species of animals, the shouldn't be separated because humans should all learn together, all other animals learn things with the same gender so why shouldn't we?

  • Yes! Most certainly yes!

    Boys and girls should go to the same school together, due to the fact that it builds confidence and loyalty within them. Yes, as the news in Sydney Morning Herald or Daily Telegraph says about single sex schools applying more marks. Who cares! Just because coed schools have one or two marks less, doesn't mean everyone should go to single gender schools. This is an 'opportunity of a lifetime'. I myself would rather go to a co-educational school, improve my respect, loyalty and confidence with others, especially with the opposite gender! This will also help you in the future, For Example: If you were a student in a single sex school, how will you interact and understand with the opposite gender in an interview or even a job?

  • No need to be scared

    When girls go to the society they are scared to talk in front of the boys. The same when boys go to the society they are scared to talk in front of girls. But if they had co-ed it will never happen because in co-ed both girls and boys work together and they are not scared to talk in front of anyone

  • Yes, Co-ed schools are better than single-sex schools

    I believe that in order for an individual to get the true experience of school, one needs to experience relationships and hardships with the opposite sex. They help the development and growth of each sex. Having a girlfriend or boyfriend in school is a great way to experience relationships and structure in life.

  • The grade performance goes down

    According to a poll done by an education specialist, Margaret Spellings, boys do better on tests with the influence of girls and their study methods. 84% of boys in the grades of 6-12 do better in class with the influence of girls. 76% of boys in the grades K-5 do better in class with the influence of girls. Therefore Single sex schools are not good or grade performances will go down.

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