• Too focussed on winning

    Coaches are way too focussed on winning a game that there not focussed on the other stuff in life. They also yell at the athletes when they make a little mistake and sometimes bring them too tears. I dont know if they noticed but if they push the players too far by being mean at anytime they can quit on the coach

  • Way to aggressive

    I think that coaches are not paying attention to the fact that athletes are getting hurt. They are starting to only care about the score on the board. They should care about the players just as much because their the ones playing the game, not the one on the sidelines screaming because the team is a few points down.

  • I believe so!

    I believe in college and professional sports that coaches are too aggressive! I believe that program is the organization that the coaches work for. The NCAA and the NFL allows colleges and professional sports to fire the coach if the team is not performing the way they want them to perform. The coaches feel pressured to have a winning season or they can lose his job!

  • Yes, they are.

    Coaches are becoming too aggressive, not all, but many of them are heading that way. It is a stressful job, and they really feel like their team has to win, whatever the cost. It is important that they step back and take a breather, though. They should never place their hands on the team members in an aggressive manner.

  • Yes, too many incidents are happening.

    Coaches are crossing the line too often of a players safety. When becoming a Coach the obvious first goal is to win, However you also must maintain and keep into consideration your players safety. For example, The coach at UCF who was forcing his team to run 110 yard runs when a player collapsed because he was severely hurting and eventually died. While this player was on the floor in pain the coach proceeded to yell at him to get up. Rutgers Head Coach Mike Rice is just another example of this; He let his ego get the best of him and insulted and abused players during practice even using homophobic slurs. This is the most notorious of this case.

  • Coaches have always been crazy and sadistic.

    In the 1950s there were incidents with Bear Bryant and other well known coaches forcing athletes to participate in numerous life threatening situations. Injuries were met with the famous response of "walk it off". I have seen people kicked, put back into games with obvious head injuries, subjected to cruel and insensitive taunting, called names and epithets. Coaches today are seen as aggressive because our tolerance for bullying and insensitive behavior is less, but they are really (in the aggregate) not worse than 40 years ago.

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