• Cochlear Implants- Hear again!

    I believe that Cochlear implants are an amazing piece of technology. I recently read an article in the news where a child who has previously never spoken before, has begun to speak with the use of cochlear implants. It is simply incredible in the sense that 20 or 100 years ago, people who were born deaf could never hear or speak. Now they are able to.

  • They help people.

    Yes, cochlear implants are good, because they help people who have hearing problems. I cannot imagine how wonderful it would be to have the ability to hear for the first time. Cochlear implants are an amazing way that people born with disabilities can be given the gift of sound and live more typically.

  • Yes, cochlear implants are good.

    I definitely think that cochlear implants are good. I see them as something that can definitely help a lot of people. I also think that the medical and technological advancements today are the reason why they are an efficient tool for somebody who has trouble hearing. I think people should consider them.

  • Cochlear implants are good.

    Cochlear implants are a great way for non-hearing people to achieve hearing, if they want it. There are some non-hearing people who choose to not hear because they are happy with their lives the way they are. It is an individual decision. For a child, that decision must be left to their parents.

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