Are college degrees irrelevant in the current economic environment?

  • College is Relevant, But Largely Ineffective

    Colleges now are more business than education driven- having students take courses irrelevant to what they want to do because they are required for the major. Another way for the University to make a quick buck. But, You need the degree to get anywhere in life these days, Especially in STEM-fields. Personally, I think college would be better augmented by taking 3 years of basic courses for your major and then completing 3 years worth of mentorships from helpful professionals in your field (from an engineering student's prospective, Length of school/mentor ship depends on the major)

  • My sister is the only person in her department with a college degree....

    ...And she makes no more money that the rest of them.

    Her degree is irrelevant. You could argue that she should have skipped college entirely for all the good that it did her in the real world. Had she chosen a useful major subject she would definitely be doing better.

    My degree is also irrelevant, now that I think about it. I doubt that a Master's or PhD in our respective subjects would have helped either of us.

  • A few degrees are relevant, but most of them are not.

    If you have a marketable undergraduate degree, such as in business or IT, you can afford to go into the coffee shop every morning and buy a coffee.

    If you have a degree in almost anything other subject, you get to work behind the counter at that same coffee shop.

  • You can get a better job.

    You can get more money. A high school graduate can make on average $27,925., but a college graduate can make up to $66,200 per year. Also, some jobs require college degrees, such as doctor, teacher, dentist, and lawyer. Also, for some professions, having a college degree helps to ensure a higher level of performance for those benefiting from the professional's work, such as students who benefit from a teacher's training.

  • Yes and no

    It depends on what the degree is for. I think that a lot of people go to college expecting to get a good return out of it. But spending a ton of money on a degree, like a liberal arts degree, and expecting to get a decent paying job anymore is not going to work. People are overqualified now for the kinds of jobs that are available.

  • If it is relevant to the job you wish to receive

    Our world is coming more developed and technology innovation surrounds us, meaning jobs that aid technology and specialize in it will be required in the future, making studying under the technological educational component in schools is a great idea. Colleges are focused on giving you the experience and the proper handling to achieve greatness in your career, but universities enforce required knowledge to be successful in your area. I personally prefer universities because there will never be a time in society where we question if it is relevant to a good life (answer is yours to find..). The whole point of universities and colleges are to teach and grow you into a educated, experienced individual, meaning that going to school period will never be irrelevant and you will participate in the economy to continue its growth when you have a job all thanks to your 20 thousand dollar investment that will hopefully pay off if you are a worthy person.

  • College degree are now more important than ever

    No, I believe that college degrees are not irrelevant in the current economy. In the past a high school diploma was what was needed to at least secure a decent position. This is not the case now. In order to merely get started a person must have at least an associates degree in their field. A college degree is your doorway into the a basic position and if you do not posses the degree you will not have chance in today's economy.

  • No,college degrees are not irrevalent in today's society.

    Contrary to what some people say,college degrees are still relevant in today's society.Many jobs are specialized to the point of needing a college degree to suceed.A college degree is also helpful in today's soociety because the world is becing more and more globalized and it would be nice to be able to communicate.

  • No, they are not irrelevant.

    College degrees do not have the same impact as they did twenty year ago. They are still extremely important because if you don't have one you are screwed. Absolutely nobody wants an employee that couldn't be bothered to go and complete college. You can hire a college graduate to do pretty much any job these days.

  • College degrees are not irrelevant in the current economic environment.

    Now more than ever, a college degree is an important preparation for employment. College can prepare students for life by allowing them to interact with qualified professors. It has been shown that people who attend college consistently earn more than people who have not. College remains an important institution today.

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