Are college degrees worthless today when compared to how much they cost?

  • A College Degree is worthless, unless you're connected.

    After a US Army stint, I worked in a blue collar decent paying position for ten years. Wanting to better myself, I earned a BSBA in Accounting, and eventually a CPA certificate at age 35.

    Being older and no real connections was the killing point. I was told, unofficially of course, that I was unemployable due to my age. At age 35, totally unemployable, except for low pay positions.

    Worked at a few minimum wage "accounting jobs", then spent the rest of my work life, preparing tax returns and accounting work as a self employed individual, always undercutting prevailing fees. A course in double entry accounting and one in personal taxation would have gotten the same end result.

    The CPA designation didn't mean beans, all most of my clients wanted was a lower fee.

  • Yes, A College Degree is Basically Worthless

    In today's world, most college degrees are worthless. The main reason is because there is a disconnect between what the colleges are teaching and what a person needs to know in order to perform a job. Employers today are leaning more toward individuals that have hands on experience while colleges are all about writing papers, taking tests, and reading books. People are graduating from college and unable to find suitable long term employment.

  • Yes they are

    College degrees are mostly worthless today compared with how much they cost unless you are going to do something with your degree such as teach or become a doctor. For the most part, experience trumps a degrees if its relevant to the job are you applying for or wishing to do.

  • College Degrees are NOT worthless.

    It is a proven fact that a college graduate will make significantly more than a high school graduate. So long as the ROI is positive it makes sense for the student to attend college. It is impossible for it to be worthless because it is common to see college graduates make hundreds of thousands of dollars more during the course of their life time.

  • No, I don't think college degrees are worthless.

    No, I don't think college degrees are worthless today when compared to how much they cost. I think some of them are worthless compared to how much they cost, but if you're getting a degree to be a doctor or something like that that will end up earning you a lot of money, then no I don't think it's worthless.

  • Education Is Not Cheap

    We all know education is not for cheap. Everyone hears on the TV or Internet of the high young professionals unemployment rate. But that`s life. It`s getting more and more competitive and the education is hardly capable to make up the gap between the modern employers requirements and the knowledge and skills taught at school. Thus the dead end can only be escaped only by further education and trainings.

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