Are colleges and universities more focused on making money than educating students?

  • Yes, they put profits ahead of preparing and educating students for an increasingly competitive job market.

    Colleges continue to enroll students in programs that have dismal employment opportunities, for either reason of lack of jobs (liberal arts, philosophy) or imbalance between supply and demand of those jobs (law, business executive). While most universities are not technically "for-profit", higher education costs continue to rise at most far faster than the costs of housing or healthcare (public university costs rose 42% during the decade of 2001-2010 http://nces.Ed.Gov/fastfacts/display.Asp?Id=76) Many top name Universities cost upwards of 40K per year. Is this because information is harder to come by? No. In the digital age when all the information for 4 years of college could fit on a hard-drive the size of your thumb, the accreditation for that information becomes harder and harder to buy...I mean achieve.

    Yes, colleges are brands. Brands aim to use their names and logos to make money. Name recognition often seems more important than a person's understanding of the knowledge and skills that the brand name represents.

    There is starting to be a push for free education online, but the key is accreditation. Will employers accept that someone who took free online classes instead of paying 10,20,30K per year in tuition to gain the brand recognition?

  • Mandated Classes with no rational on why students need to take them

    Schools mandate many courses with no logical backing on why these courses are required. That's because it is all about the money. Most of the instructors in any business type class haven't even seen what an honest days work is- let alone being up to date on current trends in the subject matter the profess to be experts on.

  • Money Money Money

    To be honest my feelings towards going to college is 35% money and 65% education because I really would like to learn more about what I'm studying. I would love to be a debater and be a part of organizations and what not. I come from nothing and just to have a little bit more of something that I never had is fine with me. You really dont need that much money to provide clothing on your back, food on your table and a shelter over your head. Its just a lot of greedy people out here who are not appreciative.

  • Yes,colleges and universities more focused on making money than educating students.

    Because they make profits in teaching .The schools and universities gain more money .Most schools are set up for a profit not for the people to get educated and benefit from it.So i conclude saying that schools and universities are more focused on making money than providing education to students.
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