Are colleges and universities more focused on making money than on educating students?

  • Capital Funding, Improvements

    Colleges and universities are becoming moneymaking machines. With big sports such as football and basketball, combined with bigger capital improvement budgets and increased tuition, has made anything but community colleges increasingly unaffordable. Large institutions continue to grow while community colleges are becoming the mainstream way for high school graduates to get a basic two-year degree before deciding to move on.

  • Yes, Pay 20k a year and get nothing

    Yes, I believe that the Education system is In dire need of repair. We're in the 20th century now almost 2014 shouldn't we be focused on helping our future generations, I know many people that have paid for college and after a few years know absolutely nothing about what they studied. I also know many people that are not in their field of study. So whats the point of college to pay a university 80k for four years to get nothing except to have employers see it as "Wow you completed something".

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