• Colleges are worth the price of admission.

    Of course colleges are worth the price of admission. When you go to college you get an amazing education and you graduate and go out into the big world. There you find a job and start your life. The better the education, the better job you find. It is worth paying for, and it is well worth it in the long wrong. You get that money back ten fold.

  • Yes, but there are always exceptions.

    Some colleges, community colleges and private, extremely expensive universities struggle with bad academics and glaring issues as institutions, but that is also why we have the freedom to choose where we wish to go, assuming we meet the entrance requirements. I have attended multiple colleges and can attest to the high variability from one to the other. There can't be a definitive Yes or No to this answer. It isn't black or white. Every community college that is "inexpensive" has wonderful professors and terrible professors, and every expensive university is the same. This is a subjective question that has no objective conclusion.

  • Yes They Are

    Colleges are definitely worth the price of admissions. The memories and studies you get while in college are very valuable. Also, you get a degree after completing college. That degree will be worth a lot and justify what you paid when you enter the work field later on in life.

  • Colleges are more valuable than you think.

    College gives students the opportunity to interact with other students, get more viewpoints, and have discussions. It offers a chance to learn more knowledge. It isn't always about getting a degree, it is the underlying principles underneath that college teaches students to learn creativity and the idea of how to learn and think. College teaches students life lessons that you do not get without going to college.

  • Colleges are worth the cost!

    Common thought has it, you go to college and get an impressive amount of debt and never pay it off. However, that debt does eventually get payed off! If you don't go to college and work a low income job you will feel the same burden( debt) the only difference is the low income participant never escapes the debt!

    I also think the cost of college is a way to have students evaluate the worth of their education. Another words, asking " You want to go to college? How much are you willing to sacrifice?"

    College prices have increased because the value in a degree has increased!

  • A degree is simply a 100,000 dollar piece of paper

    I think college altogether is not worth it. I am a college student. I go to class I sit through boring lectures and hardly pay attention. When homework or tests are due I simply go online and teach myself everything that has been learned up to that point. I do this without any school resources or staff. I am effectively teaching myself with the "free" internet as a resource. If I can give myself an education equal or greater than that of a college education for no cost, why on earth would I go to school? Well it is quite simply social standards. Your parents expect you to go to school to get a career and bosses won't hire you without a degree. The thing is I could know a hundred times more than someone with a degree but by social standards he is more qualified. This is wrong and the education system as a whole needs to be reformed.

  • Countries That Offer University Education Free

    All education in the USA should be free. If you have the grades in high school, you should get in; and, that includes Harvard and Yale, etc. And, the taxpayers collectively should bear the cost. It is not fair that the wealthy get to go to the best schools.
    “Many countries offer free College Education”
    There are many countries that offer free college education. In Europe for example, Nordic Countries like Sweden and Norway, and some eastern European countries that had communist government at some point. Spain also offers free college education. If you were to ever visit Spain, the percentage of people who possess a Bachelors Degree is extremely high. If I am not mistaken, I think Ireland also offers free college education. On the Western Hemisphere, I believe only Argentina offers free college Education. Chavez has mentioned doing so in Venezuela a few times, but I have not followed him enough to know if he did. And in Cuba education beyond secondary schooll is free as well. However, in communist countries like Cuba, because of other deficiencies nothing guarantees the education is at the same level in comparison to other countries with democratic governments.
    As far as you going to school there for FREE, well that is a long fetch. Usually that benefit is only offered to citizens or permanent residents. Most do it as an effort to create more educated professionals whom, at some point can give back to the country by being an exemplary citizen. Exchange students or foreign students have to pay something, I am not sure how it works, but I do know you would have to move first and become a legal resident before you can even be considered for free education.
    Countries That Offer University Education Free:
    Finland and Norway; Germany; Sweden; Ireland;

  • They are not.

    Colleges are not worth the price of admission. While colleges are a very important thing to get ahead in life, the current prices are way to high and put you at a disadvantages early in life. If the prices for admission was lowered then it would be totally worth it.

  • Online learning is just as affective

    I'm a college student and I feel the education I get is just the basics, even with in my major. I bought a book in fluid dynamics and a complementary book with it, and I learn a lot. My major is atmospheric science and knowing fluid dynamics is a must but my career field focus on too much computer science using Unix and programming. These two classes could be used for fluid dynamics. As a weather forecaster, programming is only needed if I will be the person in charged doing numerical models, but they have programmers in the field. Most learn it during their graduate studies.

    Also they make us take too many classes. I realize having knowledge in other areas but making a student take another extra 40 units in GE courses just a waste of my time. This cause me to stay longer, take large amount of units and steer me away from studying my major.

    When I think of Trade Schools which there was such a school that taught atmospheric science. University degree and learning on your own is piratically the same, it just I don't have proof of doing so. I used Khan Academy a few times I have to admit I learn lot of science and math through that, I even did math techniques that shocked my professor. Khan Academy is very good learning site and very well explanation, and I have to say they do well than most professors I know.

  • Technology has made school outdated.

    With the advancement in technology everything is accessible to everyone. You can go online and learn anything you want. If you can go online and learn why would you pay to go to a physical institution. Web hosting is much cheaper than an entire campus. I think we should start adjusting our education system to our advancing society.

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