Are Colorado and Washington ready for legal recreational pot?

  • It is about time that America legalizes weed.

    It is about time that America legalizes weed. Colorado and Washington have shown that they
    are ready for recreational pot, and hopefully the rest of the country will
    follow. Weed is safer than alcohol and
    cigarettes. Yet, cigarettes and alcohol
    are legal. Legalizing marijuana will
    bring a lot of revenue to our struggling government.

  • Yes, and other states should legalize marijuana as well

    Currently, Colorado and Washington are the only states where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes. However, many medical studies done on the effects of marijuana prove that this drug is beneficial for medicinal purposes and does not have the same harmful side effects of other drugs. In fact, the smoke from marijuana does not contain the same carcinogens as tobacco smoke and may not cause the same cancers as users get from smoking cigarettes.

  • Yes they are.

    I do believe that Colorado and Washington are ready for legal recreational pot. There is really nothing to be ready for. They voted it into law and so more people are for it than against it. Those who are against it will probably never be ready for it. But they don't matter, they just don't have to buy it.

  • Yes every state is ready.

    To be realistic, pot is being smoked everywhere in the United States, so it is about time that we realize that all states, including Colorado and Washington, are ready for it to be used recreationally as well as medically. That will bring regulation to the substance and bring tax revenue in.

  • Colorado and Washington are ready for leagal recreational pot.

    Colorado and Washington are ready for legal recreational pot. They have generally liberal populations that are receptive to marijuana and sufficient land to farm cannabis. They also tend to have lower crime rates than other states, so the crime rate is not likely to sufficiently increase. In time, recreational pot could have a positive impact on their economies.

  • Yes,Colorado and Washington are ready for legal recreational pot.

    These two states have been preparing for many years for the eventuality of legalized pot.They have taken the steps necessary to make a smooth transition to legalization.Other states would be wise to follow their lead because eventually citizens in all states will call for legalization and states need to be prepared for issues that may arise.

  • Colorado and Washington are ready for legal recreational marijuana

    Colorado and Washington, as well as any other state is completely ready for legal, recreational usage of marijuana. This is because marijuana is one of the most harmful substances that people recreationally use. Alcohol, is far, far worse and is still legal. Marijuana should be seen as something that should be regulated like alcohol, but not so freely legal to all ages as something like caffeine.

  • What's the problem?

    I lived in The Netherlands where cannabis is legal and it is treated much the same as alcohol. We have forbid people for long enough with no validity to the CON. Law enforcement has more to handle than the possession and usage of cannabis. This is also a great opportunity for increased revenue through taxes as well as the $ saved from no longer prosecuting and housing persons prosecuted and jailed for frivolous pot related charges

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GWL-CPA says2013-12-24T01:12:42.547
Colorado and Washington are breaking Federal Law.

The DOJ needs to step in and raid all pot joints in those states and take away all Federal Funding.

Pot is very harmful to our nation and need to be stopped.

I look forward to the FEDs raiding those two states, just like happened in Calif.

Here is a video all you pot heads should watch to learn the truth about pot.

Video: Is marijuana harmless?