• Of course it is!

    Art is an expression of you or your feeling on things. Comic books represent the imaginations of their creators. The best artists use their feelings and imagination as a tool of their trade, creating a painting or digital picture to express themselves. Comic book artists use the same expression in a different medium and more entertaining fashion then more respected artists making it seem less like art. But this entertaining medium is an expression of the artist thus making it art. The definition of art is, "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination." Are comic books an expression or application of imagination? Of course! It is by exact definition art!

  • Comic books are art.

    Like art, you collect comic books. The drawings are beautiful and very well done. Of course you would not put them on display in an art museum, but you do see them in art shows. They can catch a lot of money the older they are, the same as a painting.

  • Of course they're art.

    Have you ever actually read a comic book and looked at the writing and drawings of some of those characters? It's actually pretty brilliant. If I were a publisher or movie maker looking for fresh ideas, the first place I'd look is in comic books. Some of the designers are artistic geniuses.

  • Yes, they are.

    Comic books are art. They are filled with a mass majority of drawings and sketches, as well as words and descriptions. Comic books take a lot of hard work, and artists put a great deal of thought and effort into them. They are without a doubt art, and should be seen as such.

  • Yes, they are.

    Yes, comic books are art. They are a form of graphic art and illustrated art. Art tells a story through different mediums and in this, the comic book is the medium the art uses to tell the story through. Really, almost anything can be viewed as art. Depends on the viewer.

  • Comics are cartoonish commercial illustration

    Comic books are illustration but not art. They will never be high art. People have become so lenient with what art is these days that standards have dropped so much that anything can be art these days or so some say. Go into a traditional art museum and you will find real art.

  • No no no

    I am saying this because there are no "no" comments and I feel that that is unfair but most of what I am saying is just filler for the fifty work minimum so here are the last 11 words hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi done.

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