Are commerce students demoralized by the science students?

Asked by: aswinisri
  • Commerce students demmoralisd?

    I always wonder that why commerce students during their 11th or 12th std are often demmoralised?
    Some say that commerce is meant for the dull heads . Is that true? But commerce rules the world today,but still everyone says that if you get less marks you must opt commerce group so the commerce group is meant for the dull heads?

  • It's often the other way around

    From my experience it seems that people try to demoralize science students. For example students often times call science students nerds and other derogatory terms. It also appears that in some schools science students are bullied. It's also often times viewed as odd by other people; so they try to pressure them out of it by calling them odd, weird, strange, etc. Many of those people doing that are probably commerce students. Anyways a lot of the people who go into commerce seem to think that science is useless. So I'd have to say no on science students demoralizing commerce students.

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