• Informative and easy

    Commercials help people find out what people have created, restaurants to go out to dinner to, new activity centres and more. Helping many people who are busy and bored. Watching commercials are a quick and easy to find out things and a lot simpler than looking up things in a phone book.

  • If we lived in a better world, ads would help, not hinder.

    For example, something like Google Ad sense would know what a consumer was intrested in, and in would inform the consumer. Ads are strutctured to try and fool the consumer into buying a product, they tell the consumer: "This will make you more popular" or "More beautiful"...Really, I don't have to get into it, because everybody here has seen the ads.

    They twist fact and lie and make things look better and do more things than they really do. A good product shouldn't need all that stuff, it should rely on the quality of the product.

  • They lost their touch

    The advertisements have become dull. They used to be some of the coolest things with greatest catch phrases and jingles that we remember everyday. However, they have lost their touch so much. We're they cool? Sure. Are they now? I don't even think Super Bowl commercials are any good anymore.

  • They are the plague of the Earth

    Commercials are terrible, they appear way to often, at usually the worst points. The worst part is when they appear before movies, I already paid eight dollars to get in to the movie, I think I shouldn't have to sit through thirty minutes of advertisements! I already know when the next Spider-Man comes out! I don't need you to remind me again!!!!

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