Are communication skills, computing knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit the modern tools for success?

  • They are all needed.

    Yes, communication skills, computing knowledge, and an entrepreneurial spirit are the modern tools for success, because without these things, no idea can take shape and turn into a business. A person needs to be willing to take risks, to share his or her idea with others, and to use technology. That is the recipe for success.

  • Yes, they are.

    It's hard to be successful without these traits these days. People like someone who can communicate well, computers run almost everything, and being an entrepreneur is one of the only ways to make a lot of money. You can still be a successful person, but it would be very difficult in todays market without these skills.

  • Yes, along with creativity.

    These are essential skills to have in order to have success in the modern world, and when combined with creativity to find an unused market and fill a need they are all but guaranteed to work. It is also possible to improve these skills with practice and classes, so it is attainable by most people.

  • Coomunication Skills For Success

    I personally think that people really love themselves, something that has been known for the entirety of human history and is pretty obvious. Any of these new types of therapies and philosophies are essentially just rehashing older thoughts on how people are the center of their own universe, something that is similar to astrology.

  • yes they are

    Yes, in today's world there is nothing that you can do unless you know how to work a wide variety of programs on the computer and with other electronics. I think communication skills have always been a thing that were necessary for a person to be really successful in life.

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