• You can't stop everything.

    Yes, companies are doing enough to fight hacking, because they are constantly on the defensive against cyber attacks and other breaches of customer information. Companies cannot possibly predict every type of attack that will happen against their company or their customers. They try their hardest to fight the attacks, because the bad press associated with being the victim of an attack is pretty damaging for business.

  • Of course they are.

    What a ludicrous question. Does the asker seriously think that companies are just totally indifferent to outsiders breaking into their computer systems? That they have no problem with their financial data and trade secrets being stolen and sold to the highest bidder? Of course companies are doing everything they can to fight hacking.

  • Yes, I think companies are doing all they can to fight hacking.

    Companies putting their businesses on the Internet face the problem of having to play catch up to all the Internet hackers who make it a sole goal to trying to commit crimes on said companies. I think that companies are doing all they can to combat the problem but it is still a bit of a problem.

  • No, because spending to fight hacking is hard to justify

    Anti-hacking measures are hard to justify. If a CEO announces that he doubled
    spending to prevent hacking this year, shareholders will naturally wonder what
    he got for the money. It’s easy to see how marketing drives sales, or how
    research leads to salable products. It’s harder to justify spending so much for
    something that never happened. Like a major earthquake, hacking does not
    happen to a company every year, so many CEOs gamble and spend the money
    elsewhere. The solution is for government to require companies to meet certain
    standards for anti-hacking measures.

  • No, companies are not doing enough to fight hacking.

    No, companies are not doing enough to fight hacking. This can be attributed to both lack of knowledge on how and the fact that the growth and danger of hacking is getting exponentially worse. Companies should be taking a large percentage of there revenue to protect both the consumers as well as themselves. Hackers can go after companies just as well as the can go after their consumers.

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