• Yes, companies like Disney are treating their workers fairly

    Yes, companies like Disney are treating their workers fairly. Workers everywhere want higher wages and more benefits. Companies cannot, however, satisfy workers' demands entirely. Disney is known for being a fair and nice place to work. The fact that workers want more does not change that. Disney is not treating workers unfairly.

  • Disney joins a long list of companies who treat their employees unfairly

    Disney, like many large corporations, has a long history of unfair labor practices including forcing workers that they have laid off to train their outsourced replacements. Rather than paying their current employees a fair wage, Disney has chosen to use Q visa workers to save money; Disney is not required to pay Social Security or Medicare for Q visa workers and it is estimated that Disney is saving $18 million a year using this practice. This practice not only hurts the former employees, but also reduces the Social Security and Medicare funds that are available for all Americans.

  • Spread the wealth

    Companies like Disney are like the coal mines prior to the union movement. They are interested primarily in the bottom line, and don't care what kind of hours people put in or the conditions under which they work. The Disney people work hard, and the owners and top echelon get rich on the backs of others.

  • Most companies do not treat their workers fairly

    Large companies like Disney only treat their top staff fairly. The executives all get bonuses and vacations and what not, whereas the normal employees don't even get a decent wage let alone benefits. These larger companies can do this because they can afford a high turnover in their staff and don't care about employee welfare as long as they are making money.

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