• Self-driving cars will become the norm in the future.

    At some point, self-driving cars will have a better driving record than human beings and will first be implemented voluntarily and then will ultimately be mandated to drive by law for either safety reasons or environmental reasons. Some will be paranoid about the viability of these vehicles, but ultimately they will become a safer and more environmentally friendly means of transport.

  • I think we are already nearly there.

    Yes, I think so. There are already cars in production that can sense the lines on the road and steer the car away from the center line and side lines, and there are cars that can parallel-park themselves automatically. GPS already tells a car exactly where it is and where to go. I don't think it will be long before they self-drive.

  • Look World, No Hands!

    Technology for drones in the military is advancing daily and many mechanical breakthroughs for our boys and girls in uniform come back to us in the form of automobile technology as well. The concept of a car that drives itself can be somewhat seen already in products that clean or vacuum floors automatically and even have directional sensors to alert them to danger. However; just because a technology can be created does not mean it should be created. The auto industry’s draw to its audience relies on boasting sources of power and control. People purchase vehicles usually based upon needs for space, safety, fuel economy, and then to a lesser but more desirable degree on basis of speed, agility, appearance, and handling. If the automobile’s claim to fame is that it handles smoothly, then the entire product’s audience may turn away if the vehicle handles itself on the road. Yes, the technology for an entire vehicle will exist in the near future, but will it sell?

  • Yes, I think self-driving cars are feasible in the foressable future.

    The technology for self driving cars is rapidly advancing and not long from now probably sometime in the next decade you will start to see the initial ones start rolling out for public purchase, it will take some time until they are widely adapted since most people will have real difficulty giving up control of their car.

  • No, I don't think we'll have them yet.

    I don't personally think that completely driverless cars are feasible in the near future. There are too many variables involved. One of the concerns I would have is the fact that people can already hack cars that have computer-involved features. There could be major concerns with cars that were completely driverless, because hackers could wreak havoc with people on the road. I think people would have a hard time accepting cars that could potentially be dangerous with just one glitch.

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