• Yes they are

    Im a student and yes they are because we need to know for state testing plus in the real world we need them for jobs and more Cant say any more because I have HOMEWORK to do on GOOGLE DOCS... But my opinion is yes because of that but there are more.

  • Obviously we should

    There are many reasons why children should learn how to use a computer. Many kids don't and where will that get them in the future many job/home activities include them. Jobs will be hard to find when kids are adults. The world is evolving in technology. Think the iphone X hasn't even came out and their Already talking about the iphone 9

  • Necessary for children in schools today.

    We live in an Environment of an evolving, electronic century people. It is totally necessary for children to know how to operate computers, in this world. Moreover, many, many jobs nowadays, (and more still being invented) have computers in it, and it is therefore vital to know how to use them quickly and effectively.

  • Because who cares


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  • There good for schools

    T h e y c a n h e l p k i d s l e a r n h o w t o c o d e a n d i t c a n h e l p with jobs l i k e a t e a c h e r a p r o f e s s e r a n d a m u c i c t e a c h e r s

  • Computers are necessary.

    Some people in my class can barely use a computer- some people don't know some basics, like using Excel or even making a graph in Word. Why? Because schools can't simply put in a computer lab and students can't get used to using one. Using a computer is necessary to the future.

  • Yes computers help.

    Most jobs today would help if you were good with computers. You can impress a boss with high speed typing (i dont mean you have to be able to type like sonic speed). Plus some kids have low dexterity making it hard to write. Plus not everyone has a computer they can always have access to.

  • Yes they are necessary

    Yes, I think that computer labs are necessary in schools. Students need access to all different kinds of technology in schools, and having and letting students have access to computer labs is one way to do that. Too many students cannot get access to computers and having computer labs would alleviate this.

  • Yeah They Should!

    Technology is something that will continue to evolve and students need to learn how to use it or if they need to use it to type up a paper. As kids today have access to the internet at home, they should be taught how to use it in school. Fifty-words.

  • Being an IT Professional of 8+ years. YES.

    In my personal experience working in the field of IT for the last 8 years, it's increasingly alarming coming across individuals that are in my generation and younger unable to grasp simple functions of a computer (i.E. Rebooting, installing/uninstalling a program, printing etc.). I believe that computer labs are a crucial element that public schools should have available to their students in order that when they are in the workplace, they are somewhat familiar with operating a PC. Seeing that almost all business industries (i.E. Automobile, construction, technical drafting, etc.) are someway connected with using or needing the use of PCs, I feel it is very important that students are exposed on how to use a PC.

  • Not a lot of class rooms

    For those who need another class to get their work done don't you agree are a waist of money for the school things to be done like a new playground,no classes that kids might want to have,no room for improvement for the school I'm not saying there bad nor good I'm just saying the bad things.

  • Because who really gives a damn

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  • We have slacking children now in this generation.

    Schools are wasting their money trying to get new, advance computers. As if that'll changing anything, our children have been slacking off, they seem to be drawn away from doing their work when come the time in face with a computer. Either they'll be on any other site other than doing what they were meant to be doing while using the computer. Why waste the school money for something that will not be used for the right objective.

  • We need computers, but not in labs.

    The world is heading to a 1 to 1 model for technology with laptops and mobile devices and cloud based storage. Labs are like the old typewriters set in rows. I have even seen laptops in rows. They need to be in classrooms where the learning takes place and used for all learning areas.

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