• Yes. A complete waste.

    Time is like a river flowing. You cant stop it, you cant reverse it, you cant speed it up. Its constant.

    Let's say that i spend 50 bucks on someone and that person later dumps me. I lost the money but I can get it back it's possible.

    But if instead I went to help that person and that person later dumps me, that person took something from me i can never take back. Time

    Being on the computer i thus a waste of time. If you are 1 hour, one singe hour on it a day, you spent 3 total years worth of time doing something irrelevant.

    I must agree, I am also wasting my time. The proof, I typed this. But I am trying to keep it limited to productive things. Like this website.

  • Rather like this useless website

    Computers make people lazy and illiterate, Give the 'geeks' a feeling of superiority when the majority haven't got half a brain cell. The number of times people complain about 'how much time' they have spent seeking out information that is mostly common sense. Computers, Like any mechanical/electrical item have a failure rate. Lots more negatives than positives

  • Yes of course

    1. As a developer all you ever do is wait for the latest version of everything to download and install and just when things start to work the hw and sw manufacturers change things again. They have to keep us trying to catch up and spending money. A complete waist of time, I hate computers! I have to create a virtual drive for every project now and stop updates cause its so out of hand.

  • Are you joking? Who made this poll?

    This is like saying breathing is a waste of time in this day and age. You need a computer to be a living. If you're a CEO, programmer, architect, engineer, graphic designer, mathematician, scientist, astronaut, doctor, salesperson, business executive, entrepreneur, soldier, air force pilot, fisherman, analyst, accountant, or basically in any other type of worthwhile occupation, you need to use computers. So saying computers are a waste of time is like saying breathing is a waste of time.

  • No, but kids should be limited.

    As long as kids stick to the limits given by doctors, computers are fine. They can be extremely rewarding and the limits of the knowledge are endless. In fact, the Internet has so many possibilities that only God knows more than the Internet.
    Conclusion- As I said before, as long as kids stick to their limits, then computers are valuable sources of information.

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  • No their not a waste of time!

    It could build their skills in learning. Websites like mathletics, studyladder etc. even Minecraft is educational. Chess online can exercise the brain. I really really really believe that Computer games are not a waste of time. And it was never never ever a waste of time. Thank you for reading .

  • It depends on the user, not on the computer.

    A computer is a necessity in today's lives. It's very useful and can be used to improve the the lifestyle of someone. But, of course, if a person using a computer is just procrastinating or doing something he's supposed to but he's not doing it, it should definitely be considered a 'waste of time'.

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