• Judging by the fact that my eyes have not left the screen in 3 hours, computers are somewhat bad. Actually, THE INTERNET is worse...

    Its not the computers that are bad, its the internet. The computer is how you get to the internet, where you can find internet predators, identity theifs, viruses, and of course get addicted to things like Facebook, Pintrest, debating, Online dating and gaming, Etc. In conclusion, Computers are not bad, the internet is bad. And you forgot a question mark in the debate title.

  • Why are computers bad?

    Computers are where you can do projects and research. Think about it: If you didn't have Internet, where would you get information? ANSWER: Old-school style BOOKS. OR, you could use Internet, and you could find information easier and faster. Plus, what do people use to watch stores so there aren't as many shoplifters? COMPUTERS. What do they use in libraries to find the right books? COMPUTERS. And who cares about a question mark. Texting has more grammar errors.

  • Any technology is only as good as its users..

    To argue that the computer and the internet are bad, is like saying sugar and coffee are detrimental to human health. First and foremost, technology is an aid to improve the quality of a civilization and produce means for further growth and development. An invention or a discovery, in itself, doesn't possess good or bad qualities. It is the user, the appropriator that renders a particular good or service its reputation.

    Computers, in general, and internet in particular have proved themselves useful because of the actions and motives of the users. Yes, there are those of us who troll the online space, there are people who find it easier to connect online than they do, say, in the playground. But the fault, if there is one at all, certainly lies with the user for not choosing better. Computers don't make wise decisions. Humans do. So let us seek wisdom and allow technology to help us in doing so.

  • It depends who you are

    It depends who you are as an individual. Computer can be good and bad at the same time. Just like anything else, overusing computer is not good but it can also be a useful tool as we can do our homework and ask for help on the internet. It really depends on the person

  • The support system that is team internet

    Without my laptop and the internet, I doubt I would be alive to be typing this. The internet is filled with brilliant people who are going through exactly what I am. I hardly use the internet for information, although it is a brilliant source of knowledge, the internet is my support system. I am constantly on my laptop because my internet friends are the reason I haven't taken action on the..."darker" thoughts I have to deal with. I am considered a freak in real life, I am the bad different in real life. The only people who understand me have only ever talked to me through the device I type this out on. I know, many people will say in response, "How do you know they are who they say they are? What if they are creepy old stalkers?" and in response I say, "There are simply some things you don't make up. These people are real because I call them when I feel my arms itch for a blade and they talk me down from it. These people are real because if they aren't, then no one cares." My internet friends are my closest friends. They understand me. I can ask the internet anything and everything, without fear of being judged. When I was figuring out my sexuality, the internet was my biggest asset. You can't simply ask, "What does it mean to be bisexual? How do I know?" because in my reality, that isn't normal or socially acceptable. Without the internet, I don't know where I would be. Who I would call when Im feeling less than okay? The internet truly is a support system. I care for my internet friends, and they care for me. It is that simple. My grandmother says, "The internet is built for those who lie and those who believe those lies." but grandma, the internet is the only place I can be honest. I constantly censor myself and it is breaking me. The internet is the only place I know where "How are you?" is not a greeting. The internet is the only place I know where "How are you?" means something.

  • The Internet can be helpful and informative, as can computers as a whole.

    Computers are an amazing source of both information and entertainment. One may argue that you can get this from, for example, school or books, but you can easily find information much more quickly on a computer. And, for that matter, you can read books online. If you are glued to the computer and gain a thousand pounds, it doesn't mean that computers are bad, just that you lack self control.

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Episteme says2015-04-15T23:07:21.403
Are we talking about something that is morally bad? The internet - in and of itself - is not inherently bad. That doesn't mean that there are certain bad things done with the internet, but the internet and computers are not necessarily bad.