Are computers making us excessively dependent on technology?

  • Yes of course

    I mean 90% of 18-29 year olds sleep with their phones i mean 90% if that is not excessive i don't know what is. And come on lets not forget. "I'm sorry Dave I can't do that for you. So that is why i think we are excessively dependent on computers

  • Dependent, yes. Exessively, no.

    We are in an age where we are dependent on technology. We use it for everything. If anyone ever has a question about anything, you can bet they will Google it. But I don't see this as such a bad thing. Why wouldn't we take advantage of using a device that can answer any question we have. Our efficiency rapidly improves and tasks become easier. Computers should be used, and used often.

  • Computers do more good than harm

    People have become dependent on technology, but computers have done more good than harm. It is not just computers that have people hooked on technology, so computers cannot be solely blamed. Technology has advanced so much and in many different ways. It would be unfair to blame excessive dependency on computers alone.

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