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  • Conceal weapon use

    Suggest you carry your gun as it comes from factory with same ammo your police use. Ya might scare a jury by carrying a Desert Eagle with zombie anihilator bullets, a scope, extended mag, a laser and a trigger job, yes your gun will go to the crime lab. Do you know that George Zimmerman's prosecutor tried to use his flashlight as evidence? If you shot and wounded a mugger, would ya wait around to file a police report?

  • Yes, to an extent.

    Having a weapon concealed keeps those who feel uncomfortable around guns feeling safe and not panicked, but at the same time not being able to see that someone has a weapon can also make the person feel uneasy if they catch a glimpse of it, or if the person isn't using the gun for the right means.

  • Typically Yes

    I have heard about stories where psychopaths with assault rifles have been shot dead before they can kill innocent people. Concealed carry works for that purpose. However, what if a psychopath was concealing a pistol by means of this law, and decided to do something horrific like happened in Oak Creek? The monster there used a pistol. Pistols still are deadly, and if the wrong person got their hands on one, things could go bad. However, pistols are much less lethal than assault rifles - had the Sandy Hook principal in Newtown had one, she could have killed the demon instead of struggling with it. Had someone at the movie theater in Aurora had one, that monster would have been killed too. I think concealed carry is a beneficial strategy as long as permits are granted. It is our Second Amendment right to own a gun to defend ourselves - that was the intent of it. Assault rifles need to be restricted for military use. Pistols do not, but still need to be registered. If a monster still was able to get an assault rifle somehow, a concealed-carry pistol can kill it before it kills dozens. However, concealed carry permits are necessary, so people won't pull out their gun and shoot someone for cutting them in line at Wal-Mart or nearly hitting their car. School principals, off-duty police officers, government employees, etc. should all be able to get a permit. Regulated concealed carry is necessary - that is the answer.

  • Concealed weapons can save lives.

    Concealed weapons are definitely helpful when trained and educated people carry them. Since criminals are going to have weapons regardless of any laws, a law-abiding citizen is better prepared to defend himself and his family when any of them are threatened by a criminal who has an intent to cause them harm. Without a concealed weapon, the person or family is at a much bigger risk.

  • Concealed weapons are sometimes necessary for self defense.

    Concealed weapons allow those who need it to carry a firearm for self-defense without causing alarm by openly displaying it. This is important for those who live or work in dangerous areas or must often travel alone at night. They often need to carry a gun but at the same time don't necessarily want to advertise it.

  • Concealed weapons can help prevent crime

    Concealed weapons are helpful for many reasons. For one, they can be used in self defense in the event of a robbery attempt or other similar crimes. Secondly, even if the weapon is not used, it provides much needed peace of mind for the person that is carrying the weapon, especially in areas of high crime, such as urban settings.

  • Guns are not safe

    People have died because of having concealed weapons because that increases the murder rate and it would be very scary to find out that the person right next to you is carrying a gun. On January 13, 2014 a retired police officer shot and killed another man over an argument of texting in the movie theater

  • We can all get emotional at times

    13 year old kid from Ohio flashes a fake gun at a cop and gets killed. There won't be any more mishaps like this with easier gun laws in our nation because people will be more responsible than cops.... :(

    Do you trust the stability of complete strangers or is it a matter of who can get off the 1st shot?

  • Concealing a gun could be dangerous...

    Some people that are concealing a gun, may have some emotional issues and are unstable. Which can increase the chances of a person killing themselves or others. Or, people committing suicide can use concealed carry and also increasing the risk of people killing themselves. People should not be aloud to conceal a gun.

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