• Yes, Condoms are the best option for preventing teenage pregenancy.

    While sex education can lead to a reduction in teenage pregnancy condoms will always be one of the best options for preventing it, I think that condoms should be easy to access and adequate education shouuld be given so people know the benefits of using a condom as opposed to not using one.

  • Yes, they are.

    If you make condoms readily available and free, this would be the best option for preventing teenage pregnancy. There is no more viable option than this, and if we had dispensers everywhere we would see the rates plummet almost overnight. So yes, this is by far the most viable option we have.

  • Condoms are probably one of the worst forms of birth control.

    Obviously, the only 100% effective form of birth control is abstinence. If you still want to have sex though, there are better methods. To maximize effectiveness, a condom has to be put on properly, which can take some time. A teenage boy in the process of getting laid just won't put the required effort into making sure it's on properly.

    For some statistics, the shot and intrauterine devices are the most convenient because you don't have to worry about missed doses, and they're effective about 95%-99% of the time. The pill is also in the 90%-99% effectiveness range as long as doses are kept on schedule. In theory, a properly applied condom has a 90%+ effectiveness, but in practice that falls to somewhere in the low 80's.

  • Not at all

    No, the best method for preventing teen pregnancy is to give them birth control shots. If they get these then there is no way that they can cheat around taking it, and the chance of them getting pregnant on this shot is really low, so it will do a lot to stop it.

  • No, condoms are not the best preventative for teenage pregnancy.

    Abstinence is the best preventative measure to prevent teenage pregnancy among young people. I think that the reason that it isn't being advocated more is due to political reasons. But in regards to teaching kids the truth, abstinence is the answer. Schools should do a better job of teaching it.

  • They need parents.

    No, condoms are not the best option for preventing teenage pregnancy, because the best option for preventing teenage pregnancy is teaching children not to engage in dangerous situations. Teenagers need to learn what proper behavior is for their age and place in life, rather than being shielded from the consequences of their actions.

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