Are Congress and Obama trying hard enough to avoid the fiscal cliff?

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  • Outdated but no

    Obama tried but not hard enough, Congress sat there and boasted about how they were going out of their way to get nothing done. It's a joke. John Boehner is where the problem starts but he is far from where it ends. The same people blasting him in the morning were praising him and saying they'd nominate him the next day hours later. Even when Congress gets pushed to a point of insanity that they have to turn on their own party, a few hours later they take it back. We. Are. Screwed.

  • No, Congress and Obama are not trying hard enough to avoid the fiscal cliff.

    The fiscal cliff will not affect congress or President Obama the way that it will impact the working folks of the United States. Therefore, congress and President Obama continue to play their back and forth games that result is absolutely nothing being done. It appears the only time our elected officials even look the way of everyday Americans is when they have their hands out for our vote.

  • They agreed to continue the insanity

    A deal was reached, one that just kicks our problems down the road--proof that keeping power is more important then governing a country. The United States can not continue to run such deficits and the longer the country delays the greater the pain to recover. But don't worry, the next president or congress can handle it--come on.

  • No, they act like they are playing poker.

    These men ought to be intelligent, intelligent enough to know exactly how much give and take to expect from each side. Consequently, they brought the situation to this state of brinkmanship just out of an unwillingness to agree on a middle ground. It cannot possibly have had to go down to a last minute battle. Perhaps I'm wrong and it is more like a game of chess with strategic moves that had some plan behind them. Either way, it did not have to go on as it did, and it seems as if it isn't over yet. I think the politicians enjoyed the fight, and it was everyone else that was hanging on the results.

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