• Yes, they are happier.

    According to a study by Vigil, Republicans are more likely to describe themselves as happy. They also are more likely to be successful and have a large group of friends. Democrats are more likely to be angry and see themselves as victims of society and to have fewer friends and/or think of themselves as misfits or anti-social. Facts don't lie.

  • Yes, because Liberals are busy dealing with the truth.

    The truth is, Liberals see how their policies work in nations like Britain and France, with 40% tax and high sales tax. They see, under Obama, how bad their policies really work. Right now, Conservatives get to live with the fact that Obama's policies are failing in Congress, and the ones that get passed fail also. They get to laugh knowing that Obama proves Liberal policies don't work like Liberals tried to make it out as.

  • Conservatives emphasize success

    Liberals see themselves angry at the world. Conservatives also emphasize family values, and it doesn't matter what religion you are (as Conservative politicians have always believed in freedom of choice). Conservatives are more likely to have true friendship. And I'm talking politically -- irrespective of faith system you may follow.

  • Liberals fear everything

    • Liberals fear the world and want big government to protect them.
    • They are fear of the duty that religion may place on them so they cling to causes.
    • Liberals fear conservatives and since they are not willing to have many children themselves seek allies from outside the US.
    • Liberals are afraid of getting hurt protecting their homeland so they favor negotiation.
    • Liberals are afraid of making it on their own so they willing pay taxes for a nanny state.
    • Liberals are afraid of the demands of family so keep family ties distance.
    • Liberals are afraid of the poor so they are willing to pay to keep them away.
    • Liberals are afraid of competition so are always trying to “level the playing field.”

  • I would say so.

    Conservatives believe in taking personal responsibility. I myself am I conservative and I couldn't be a happier a person. I just graduated high school, going to college and taking courses that I LOVE!!! I have been with my girlfriend for the longest time, and just all around happy. Of course liberals can be happy. Why can't they? Everyone of different ideologies can be happy and sad. But a poll showed that Conservatives tend to be more happier people than Liberals. Most Conservatives do believe in personal responsibility and with that, you have morals and can do things that you can be responsible for. Now, I know some Liberals who think the exact same way. But, I see a lot of liberals who like to play victim and act like the world owes them something. But thing is, no one is perfect so the world doesn't owe anyone a darn thing. Not even me. I make $23,000 a year and I don't feel owed anything because of my low income. I believe if I can work for what I can get, then better things will come.

  • Yes, they are happier.

    Conservatives are generally happier than liberals because they are less in touch with the reality of the world around them. Everyone understands the government is screwed up but it's what each side does about it. Conservatives inherently are satisfied with the status quo want the world to remain as it is. Liberals are always pushing to make the world a better place and there may be little victories but there is always more progress to make.

  • Conservatives in a happier state

    Conservatives are much happier at this moment of time because of the current, hideous state of the liberals. The liberals are in a very dark, cornered space right now for all of the negativity that can be seen (conservatives were once in the same position in the 60s as liberals are now). I can go about this for decades but I need to go to school.

  • Happiness Isn't Pleasure

    Conservatives understand that happiness involves a deeper sense of resolve that triggers the sublime through heritage. Liberals, however, are obsessed with primitively sensing the agreeable.

    You see this especially from liberals who focus on emotivism, relativism, contextualism, consumerism, and social democracy. All liberals want is to release themselves in the moment by going crazy. Conservatives, in contrast, support holistic lifestyles that celebrate who they are. It gives them deeper resolve and peace of mind.

  • Yes, very much so

    Conservatives are more successful and content with the inner knowledge that their beliefs and ideals are correct. Liberals however, must deal with the consequences of their beliefs and policies which often turn out to produce the opposite effect of what they intended. Most conservatives I know react calmly or not at all when their beliefs are questioned or challenged but liberals get very angry and violent and seek to vilify others who don't agree with them.

  • No, both are equally miserable

    The sequester couldnt be avoided, the debt is still a tremendous issue, Congress is inept at everything it even tries to do, what isnt underfunded is borderline useless in the first place, and on top of everything the economy is still in the sh*ts while corporations are doing better then ever.... So why would one group be happier then another group based solely on political ideology?

  • It doesn't seem like it

    Conservatives seem to be much more unhappy than liberals. It seems like they are always taking personal offense to things and blaming specific groups of people for wasting tax dollars or are always angry about something President Obama is doing or that they think he is planning to do. Conservatives seem to be a lot more self-centered, which results in a more negative attitude because they take so much as being a personal attack on them.

  • Why is one group happier than the other?

    Conservative are just like any other group of people. They will have a wide variety of moods and outlooks on life. Some will most likely be very happy about the state of the world and their place in it. Others will, invariably, be miserable about anything and everything. It all depends on which particular Conservative you ask.

  • Not to begin with

    The fact is that the basis of the conservative ideology is that the world is a threatening place which is out to get you and so everyone must fend for themself, while the liberal idea is that the world is a good place, where everybody should help one another as much as possible, and that people should be allowed to be who they are. It is fairly clear from this that the premise of the liberal policies are much more positive and constructive than conservative ones, which should point to liberals being happier.

    The threatening world view illuminates the conservative take on specific political issues in fairly obvious ways.
    •Conservatives are pro-gun because they want to be able to defend themselves against criminal threats of any type.
    •They are mostly religious because religious rituals foster feelings of safety in a dangerous world such that the most dangerous countries in the world are also the most religious.
    •They tend to be more hostile to immigrants, foreigners, and racial or ethnic minorities and to view them as more of a threat.
    •They fear attacks by other nations and therefore support a strong military and a bellicose foreign policy on the theory that a good attack is the best defense.
    •Apart from military defense, where government is an asset, conservatives fear government intrusions into their lives and particularly fear having their wealth eroded by taxation.
    •They are pro-family because being surrounded by close relatives is the best defense against threats that surround them.
    •They oppose welfare for the poor because this encourages dependence so that the failures of a society are parasites on the successes thereby inverting the proper incentive structure.

    The liberal world view is mostly the opposite. Liberals take a more optimistic view of the world as being somewhat more benign. Government is a vehicle through which the citizens of a democracy can solve problems and improve the well-being and happiness of most people.
    •Liberals feel that protection of citizens against crime is better left to police and that armed citizens are a threat to those around them.
    •They are less religious than conservatives because they perceive the world around them as less threatening. Moreover, they rely more on science, and education, as a means to solve problems.
    •Liberals are more welcoming to immigrants. They are less likely to view foreigners, and racial or ethnic minorities as a threat.
    •They favor negotiation and consensus-building over warfare in foreign policy and do not believe in excessive military buildups that drain social spending.
    •Liberals are happy to pay their taxes if they believe that the money is being used to improve the quality of life of others whether they are poor or rich. Instead of being a threat, the government reflects the will of the people.
    •They support welfare programs for the poor because these may reduce child poverty, crime and social problems

    Some of this was courtesy of the article 'why liberal hearts bleed and conservatives don't' by Nigel Barber, Ph.D

  • They are not.

    I think that both groups are equally unhappy these days. We have the liberals who are mad that the President and the Senate cannot get enough things done, and we have the conservatives who are mad that the President and the Senate are trying to get so many things done.

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