• They are uncooperative.

    Conservatives in America, especially since the election of President Obama and the rise of both Pauls, have been largely uncooperative. They simply say no to bills in the name of fiscal conservatism. This, of course, is foolish. If a government doesn't spend money on its country, the country doesn't improve.

  • Yes, conservates have a my way or the highway thought process.

    Yes, conservatives tend to only think from their point of view, meaning that they believe that their belief is the only right way. Conservatives are not willing to open up their mind to the view points of others speaking. One must also keep in mind though, that is why they are called conservatives. They are obviously not ones to be open minded.

  • Democrats Have Longer History of Obstruction, Resource Squandering, And Charismatic Pandering. Progressivism Naturally Begets Absolutism by Momentum.

    The 30-year hold that Democrats held on the House before Newt Gengrich saw stringent application of rules and hoarding house resources at a rate of 5:1, Compared to the 3:1 Democrats enjoyed under Republican leadership. Barack Obama took hard-line stances against conservatives, Even to the point of weaponising the IRS for political fund-manipulating purposes while in office. After Republicans took the House in the middle of his term, Around 80% of his administrative orders were declared to be unconstitutional by a SCOTUS with mostly liberals, And even the "perfectly legal DACA" order was only allowed as a quasi-legal "under the color of law" move.

    Government has been funded on credit at least since the 70's, And more realistically since the begining of the 20th century. Nevertheless, Modern progressives have been allowed to attach all manner of unnecessary spending bills to omnibus bills to fund the government, Provided that military spending go along with it; a system which portrays specific type of conservatives (warhawk politicians) as being solely responsible for war.

    There is no such thing as an "open-minded opponent" to progressives. The definition of being progressive is to continue onward and onward with some agenda that stops nowhere. Functionally, It is socialistic today, Which means that it does not even want to hear why some should be allowed to exclude themselves from these non-stop agendas. It is not generally in the nature of conservatism to force an agenda or say "no" to everything; it is merely the default not to say "yes" until all has been considered and judged necessary.

    Tea Party and Freedom Caucus movements are reactionary to having cooperated and put up with progressivism for so long in the grand scheme of things, Always getting the short end of the stick while being demonised at the same time. They are also internal attempts to revitalize conservatism at a more fundamental level, And have adjusted the platform in such ways as toning down the "war on drugs" and dialing back military spending.

    ~As an addendum, There are at least two key reasons so many people are irritated with Trump and the Freedom Caucus: First, The country has expanded and politics shifted so far to the left that people can no longer bear conservative ideals (or even a proper framework of history) in their rational minds. Second, There are manifold corporate interests at work aiming to keep it that way in order to comfortably mold consumers as needed, Regardless of the needs of justice or the people.

  • No they are not uncooperative.

    Conservatives in the United States of America are not uncooperative. They have tried on numerous attempts to work with the democrats in the house and senate to compromise and approve bills and laws for the betterment of the US citizens. The democrats have proven to be very difficult to work with.

  • Conservatives in America are not uncooperative.

    Conservatives in America are not uncooperative. They just believe things that sometimes the government sees differently. I do not think that this means that they are uncooperative just that they want to be able to live their own lifestyle with the best intentions. I think that conservatives in America are not uncooperative.

  • They are misunderstood

    Many conservatives in America fall into the same trap as any other group in America, the extreme examples get used as reference points, when in reality they are not representative of the group as a whole. Talk show hosts who lambast their guests or mock the government paint a worse picture than is the reality.

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