• Obama obama obama

    Clearly Obamacare has no effect on job loss from one of the biggest companies in the nation! Its the Right Wingers with their anti-job stance that are killing jobs. Would like someone to explain in great detail how I am wrong. Simply read the article posted below! Take that right wingers! The truth be told!


  • Unfortunately, They Are!

    The GOP slicing & dicing of the budget has caused many government agencies to lay-off employees. It has caused job losses in education, first responders, etc. Yet, NOT ONE Republican who supports this action has closed a single congressional or senate office in their state to save money. Nor have these individuals trimmed their own staffs in D.C., or their budgets! So much for leadership.

    When the GOP attempted a default in 2011, Wall Street got nervous. As a result many companies quit hiring, or put off hiring. That killed job prospects, too. When Wall Street gets nervous, it ripples ... Companies everywhere get nervous ... That effects average Americans & job opportunities. If they pull a government shut-down, this year, it WILL be a setback.

    It should also be noted that while the GOP has poked jokes at the Stimulus, stripped the federal budget, etc., they have NOT offered a solution to creating jobs. They shrug & say that the private sector creates them. Yet, they surely realize when D.C. Creates doubt (as the GOP has been doing) it makes job creation more difficult (often times impossible)!

  • No, Bad Policies are Job Killers

    And so far Democrats have been making the bad policies that are killing jobs, not Conservatives. For example, and primarily 1. Obamacare. It's killing jobs, incorporating over 20 new taxes, raising insurance premiums by over 275%. People are not only losing their jobs over it, their losing their healthcare coverage. And it's effecting every American. 2. Keystone Pipeline and Oil F racking, both are completely safe, job producing, and economy stimulating operations, but Demarcates are blocking it, Conservatives are fighting for it. It's clear the Democrats are the job killers. They seem to only promote Government benefits and ignore the well being of citizens. The bulk of US population are Americans civilians, and Conservatives are fighting for them. And if takes a Government shut down to make Democrats understand American civilians are the number one priority, so be it!

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