• Trapped in the 50s

    Politicians in general and the Tories in particular are still living in a Rupert Bear annual. They are still enmired in the white, Anglo-Saxon, Quasi-rural southern values of the 1950s when everyone thought Britain was perfect and everyone knew their place. They are out of touch to the point of psychosis.

  • All politicians seem to be out of touch if you ask me.

    What we need is a government made up of people who come from working class backgrounds, not just public school boys. How can people who come from the privileged backgrounds, which most politicians seem to, have any understanding of what life is like for the average man or woman. They need to start listening the people of this country instead of just sticking to their own agendas.

  • Don't try to legislate your religion

    Republicans have become the Christian party. The United States of America is a pluralistic society that must respect the rights and freedoms of all its citizens.

    The world is not a static place. Society evolves. Technology evolves. Government must learn and grow, not keep looking to crawl back into the past. We need merely look at the middle east to see what happens when people use the technologies of the future to pursue the agenda of the past.

    We need to get religion out of politics once and for all. Religion is a personal matter. The choice to partake in a particular religion or none has no business in the political discourse.

  • Conservatives do not understand basic needs of the workers up to and including doctors.

    Corbyn asked David Cameron six times how he justified the tax credits cut and was answered with an argument about increasing minimum wage. The increases created by the increase of minimum wage will take 5 years to achieve, but benefits are being cut now, leave many families unable to cope. Minimum wage does not apply to self-employed people or carers. Carers can work over 100 hours per week and they get an allowance of £62 per week, and benefits are being taken away from them indirectly. Cameron introduced the big society. His idea was to get more people supporting charities. But then government cut financial support to charities - a real cynical trick. Financial cuts to LAs has forced redundancies, destroyed front line support services, but Cameron wrote to Oxford Council complaining about the cuts and exposed his obvious lack of understanding of how deep the cuts were. Changes to doctors contracts have them threatening strike action. They got that wrong didn't they. Of course no one wants austerity, but it really does seem that the poor are being targeted and the higher paid not at all.

  • Conservatives are lost

    Conservatives are clinging to ideas that much of society has abandoned. The key to many of their most strongly held beliefs is a combination of politics and faith. They ignore hard scientific evidence and frequently create nonsensical arguments with no basis in reality. God and science are not the same thing. De regulating banks and stock traders has caused nothing but problems. Trickle down economics does not work and Ronald Reagan did not bring down the Soviet Union.

  • I think conservatives are out of touch.

    I can't speak of all conservatives, as conservatism is a broad term, but generally I think they're out of touch. Conservatives seek to conserve old hierarchies and institutions, such as the church, the state, and traditional beliefs. This viewpoint is flawed as it is an appeal to tradition. Something should be judged by its merits, not whether or not it is traditional.

  • They've Been Out of Touch For A While Now

    Conservatives are living in their own world these days. They are stuck on their old school values and ways and refuse to progress with the rest of us. This show with conservative politicians and citizens. What;s funny is that most of them preach one thing then turn around and practice something else.

  • Conservatives aren't all homophobic white Christian men.

    I'm a black woman who tends to lead towards the conservative side on most issues. Let's take Christianity out of this situation, because it's simply ignorant to keep on acting like white conservatives are the only Christians out there. When it comes to policies, it seems that liberals or left-wingers are a little more out-of-touch. They support welfare, which is basically giving money to the lazy with the money us middle-class Americans WORK for. I wouldn't mind if my money went towards truly disabled people on welfare, but the problem is that so many healthy people abuse the welfare system, so I'd rather not have it at all. I'm not against abortion, but I tend to lean towards pro-life. It also seems that liberals are anti-death penalty, which I am for. There's no reason for the death penalty to be wrong. What's truly wrong is that our taxes go into prisons that might not even be able to hold their prisoners, so why not just kill them? What's the harm in killing a person who has destroyed families instead of locking them up before they just end up escaping and destroying MORE families? Or, if not the death penalty, at least criminal rehabilitation centers, or something of that sort instead of wasting money on failing prison systems.

  • Why Are Conservatives Out Of Touch?

    Conservatives have the best political views in my opinion. They are for keep some of our good old ways that don't need to be changed. Also we are for emphasizing stability and continuity. And we are for preserving things "The way they are" not "The way things where". We are for the ways of a free society and human nature itself. So, no I don't think we are "Out of touch".

  • Conservatives is a very broad term.

    I wouldn't' necessarily consider myself a conservative, but I tend to value many conservative values.

    For instance, I don't think its wrong to want to lower taxes across the board. I don't think that 30% tax compared to 50% tax is fair.

    I'm not a big fan of abortion, although I don't think I have the right to tell a mother that she can't, same thing with gay marriage.

    I think that the way to balance the budget it to cut spending, that's a conservative trait. I think that is firmly in reality.

    I don't think american's should have to give up they're liberty in order to stay safe, I despise the Bush and Obama administration because of that fact.

    Furthermore, I really believe that personal responsibility is the key to American Exceptional-ism, therefore I'm not a huge fan of the many entitlement and welfare programs in the United States.

    That said, I don't want them abolished, but a time limit or work program should definitely be put in place, maybe somewhat along the lines of Bill Clinton's Plans for the Welfare program.

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