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Are conservatives/right wingers happier than liberals/leftists?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • Conservative are more ignorant

    Liberals/ leftist constantly prove to care more about issues within the society even when the issues don't necessarily affect them. People Engaging and empathising with individuals or groups of people who constantly face issues within society such as racism, Sexism, Homophobia ect is not likely to make them feel particularly happy. Choosing to ignore societies issues is likely to make an individual feel happier. Additionally, The common demographic of conservative/right wing people is upper/middle class meaning that it is likely that the person has lived a privileged life and therefore is less likely to have financial concerns and also less likely to empathise with working class people. That being said, Having a victims mentality, No lips and a fat redneck dad is also likely to result in unhappiness so idk.

  • Liberalism and psychoticism

    Scholars on both the left and right have studied this question extensively, And have reached a consensus that it is conservatives who possess the happiness edge. Many data sets show this. For example, The Pew Research Center in 2006 reported that conservative Republicans were 68 percent more likely than liberal Democrats to say they were “very happy” about their lives. This pattern has persisted for decades. If two people are demographically the same but one is married and the other is not, The married person will be 18 percentage points more likely to say he or she is very happy than the unmarried person.
    The story on religion is much the same. According to the Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey, Conservatives who practice a faith outnumber religious liberals in America nearly four to one.
    Religious participants are nearly twice as likely to say they are very happy about their lives as are secularists (43 percent to 23 percent). The differences don’t depend on education, Race, Sex or age; the happiness difference exists even when you account for income.
    Liberals are more likely to see people as victims of circumstance and oppression, And doubt whether individuals can climb without governmental help.
    According to a study from the University of Florida psychologists Barry Schlenker and John Chambers and the University of Toronto psychologist Bonnie Le in the Journal of Research in Personality. These scholars note that liberals define fairness and an improved society in terms of greater economic equality. Liberals then condemn the happiness of conservatives, Because conservatives are relatively untroubled by a problem that, It turns out, Their political counterparts defined.

    Imagine the opposite. Say liberals were the happy ones. Conservatives might charge that it is only because liberals are unperturbed by the social welfare state’s monstrous threat to economic liberty. Liberals would justifiably dismiss this argument as solipsistic and silly.
    Lastly, Data shows a strong correlation between liberalism and psychoticism, Not conservatism.

  • Im more of a centrist but from what I learned from my own research, Conservatives tend to be happier overall.

    Conservatives have happier families, Find more meaning in life, Are generally happier overall, And donate far more money and time to the needy than their liberal peers.

    Conservatives tend to be much more “completely satisfied” with their family lives compared to their liberal friends and neighbors. Forty-one percent of both liberals and moderates report being “completely satisfied” with their family lives, While 52 percent of conservatives do. Conservatives are also vastly more likely than liberals to believe marriage is essential in creating and maintaining strong families.

    They are also much more likely to actually be married, 62 versus 39 percent, Thus benefiting from all the ways marriage improves overall well-being and contentment, Personal happiness, Economic security, Long-term employment, Longevity, Better physical and mental health, And more.

    Oddly enough, Regardless of other basic life characteristics such as family income, Marital status, Age, Educational attainment, Race/ethnicity, And church attendance, Being a conservative increases the odds of being “completely satisfied with family life” by 23 percent, A considerable positive impact given the centrality of these other life factors.
    Conservatives also reported greater meaning in life and greater life satisfaction than liberals.

    Conservatives experience greater meaning in life across their lives generally, But also daily and at most given moments throughout the day. There is some unique aspect of political conservativism that provides people with meaning and purpose in life.

    Overall happiness and contentment is not affected by whose party or ideological partisans are in the seats of power in the White House or Congress. It seems as if the beliefs themselves matter most.

  • I say yes

    Right wingers usually on average have religion, Marriage/family, And an understanding that there are things in life you can't change. They accept that life isn't always going to go their way and they have to work at things. Left wingers on the other hand want to change everything. They don't seem happy with anything they are not in control of and yell everything is racist or sexist when they don't get their way. The right wingers seem like they accepted adulthood and left wingers are still mad that they can't get that toy they wanted at the grocery store when they were a kid.

  • Liberal's unhealthy and miserable worldview

    Liberals always focus on how terrible things are or how terrible people are. They also have guilt for no reason whats so ver, They unironically think that just because some of their ancestor maybe were slave owner that they should apologize. They also tend to hate their own kind mainly whites. They also tend to have OCD attitude on ideology, Especially marxist who worship Marx like a god who should be preached. They also tend to get angry over little things and accuse people of stuff (others do it too but most of them are liberals). They always worry for example with climate that "omg we are gonna die". They are also anti-individual, They always want so much to belong to some group like LGBT, When they would be happier by staying away of such groups. Both liberal's and leftist's lifes would become better and more tolerable if they abandon their ideology altogether and enjoy the little things in life, Family, Taking care of physical health, Spending less time on social media, Going outside to enjoy nature, Visiting the local flea market instead of Starbucks etc. This topic is so huge I could write a literal book about it.

  • Education, Pop culture, All three branches of government and mainstream media are dominated by the left.

    What else could be done to make liberals feel like they are being supported by the status quo? As someone with conservative values I will say that the most joy I find is with my wife and three children. Its entirely possible that the left wing critique of the nuclear family is a factor in the ampunt of happieness they experience.

  • It's a facade.

    My answer would be yes only in the sense that the status quo supports their worldview, Whether sexist, Racist, Ect. If liberals or left wingers appear to be unhappy as indicated by polls, It's because the status quo is not in their favor.

    Women, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Gays, Lesbians, All of these groups that are dominantly left wing are living in a system that doesn't support them and therefore they are unhappy in comparison to the conservatives who support a hierarchical system that benefits them.

    So, The takeaway from this is to not buy into the line that the conservative way of life is inherently better and makes you happier. People who believe or imply this literally never thought about this idea for more than 5 seconds.

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