• Only culture issues

    There is a huge push by the conservative movement to bring about anger and strong political feelings mainly based on culture war issues. Guns, abortions, and gay marriage are all cultural issues that the conservatives are trying to insight anger in the party and get people to vote based on these issues.

  • Conservatives are trying to cause a culture war in America.

    Conservatives are trying to cause a culture war in America. Republicans have used cultural differences to drive a wedge between voters for years. Rather than focusing on real problems in America, the GOP creates new problems to polarize voters. This is not a constructive way to govern a major country.

  • No, no more than liberals are trying to start a culture war.

    It would be wrong to say that conservatives are trying to cause a culture war, just as it would be wrong to claim that liberals were intentionally doing so. It's more accurate to say that each side has differing views, and that this naturally causes a culture clash. When some people wish for things to stay the same, and others believe in progressively changing, it will always cause a culture clash. Yet no one is intentionally causing it.

  • The culture war exists.

    No, conservatives are not trying to cause a culture war in America, because the vast majority of the people in America are conservative. Those who are not are a loud minority. Conservatives just want to believe the things that they believe. They do not want to pretend that they believe as the liberals do, just because the liberals want to force them too.

  • Not Actively Trying

    I do not believe conservatives are trying to cause a culture war in America. I believe they are trying to hold on to their grandfather's tenants, which just don't apply in today's world. Conservatives are also overly concerned about how to keep their money or further the income gap inequality without anyone causing a fuss about it. With these two problems, I have my doubts they're actively pursuing a culture war, I think they're just highly unaware of how the majority of people in America actually survive.

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