• DHMO Theory is Real

    Conspiracy theories are USUALLY dumb. However, the government is secretly giving us dhmo (dihydrogen monoxide) to kill us. It's found in every household in America. People inject, soak, eat, and drink water. Obama is too busy wracking up to crackdown on this killer!!! Every single evil person has used dhmo sometime in their life. A reporter found out that a NPR-loving, latee drinking. God-hating liberal government official thinks dhmo is necessary for life.
    Also, we also know that the abortion theory is real. The government takes out the fetuses and then genetically engineers them. They're raising an army to take over the world and enslave us all.
    BTW i'm kidding.

  • Conspiracy theorists make up the most bizarre conspiracies

    The corporate people are trying to screw over the people, the elites are doing this and that. Pretty soon there's gonna be a conspiracy about the sofas we sit in. Lol. Conspiracy theories are entertaining never the less. Mostly made by wackos who have nothing better to do. Hey, there's even a conspiracy about our table. And the list goes on!

  • The moon landing was fake.

    I honestly think it was. But aside from that, conspiracy theorists are simply people who question. Our society needs that fire and thoughtfulness. Think about all the times in the past something that started as a conspiracy theory turned into something major.
    Roman: The barbarians are just made up to scare us.
    German: Hitlers gonna lead this country down a terrible road
    American: That president Nixon is up to no good.
    Many theories don't work, and are far to out there to be considered. But there will always be a place to theorize. If rather have a nation of people who question, than a nation of those that follow blindly.

  • Dhmo is not deadly

    It is not deadly I don't really know about dhmo but I can tell you it really really do not have deadly out comes and I am most likely wrong be cause I am a out side Rand I am not really knowing about dhmo so I do not know

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