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  • 911, Boston, sandy hook

    Take a real long hard look at what conspiracy "theorist " are claiming. You'll find that the main stream media doesn't even come close to deceminating these facts. It's absurd to think this is a free country with a free press. The word conspiracy theory itself is a form of propaganda by word association. No conspiracys can be real if there all "theories". I believe this topic is way way over the head of the well educated capitalist loving American who is completely stricken of critical thinking during times of crisis. Education on the college and high school level turns out mindless zombies who are willing to believe anything the electric picture box tells them.

  • Some are more valid than others

    Most conspiracy theories (about the politics) are rooted in some type of truth but I've noticed the more ground that they gain the more convoluted the theory gets and it just becomes a jumble of lies with occasional facts. While it's hard to sort out the truth sometimes you can tell which elements are probably real. I mean we all know that there have been proven conspiracies (think Watergate), so I it is very narrow minded and ridiculous to dismiss all conspiracies just because there are some people claiming Elvis is still alive or that Paul McCartney is actually dead.

  • Not all of them

    Any sane person who tries to put forth an argument or a cohesive theory will have many facts and gathered info to support their claims. Many of the types of theories that get the most attention, and that narrow-minded skeptics and/or media gatekeepers will point to when they want to disprove the whole of conspiracy theories are the most wild (shape-shifting reptilians anyone?). In the minds of most people it is difficult to consider the possibility of a monumental conspiracy to rule the world, but, really, all it takes to form a group (in our case, the Illuminati formed, infiltrated Freemasonry and took it over a couple centuries ago) to work towards the aim is the right kind of people, much deception, money, and blackmail. The difficulty of accepting these theories for consideration is indeed exacerbated by the fact that if you assume they're true, then you must accept that institutions are all controlled and checked for the type of information they present to the public, as well as how it is presented, and therefore there are some things you simply will not know about or have wrong information about. It is tricky, I know, but if you spend any reasonable amount of time finding information and/or reading books on this subject you are almost guaranteed to walk away with your eyebrow(s) raised. My point is, yes, they are valid, and should be considered by all US citizens. We should be distrustful of our government, not have them be distrustful of us, the citizens (as they are now).

  • Many are and many not

    There are many conspiracy theories that I believe are real. Though I know a couple are true, those are with secret organizations and things like that, free masons do exist and might want there to be a one world government. But theses aren't really the conspiracy theories that people care about, people care more about the more insane conspiracy theories which are like the moon landing,m though it might have a little truth in it. The evidence that they have is the picture of the flag on earth which is moving because of a force that on earth would be wind though space is a vacuum so how is it flying.

  • Which conspiracy theories?

    This is much too broad of a question. A lot of what people mean when they talk about "conspiracy theories" is completely invalid and not justified by anything in reality. That said, people have definitely conspired secretly to do things countless times throughout history, so some conspiracy theories have been valid. You need to be more specific.

  • Conspiracy theories are childish

    Anyone who believes that the government or some secretive shadow group can engineer national or world events, or cover up something huge; obviously has an over-developed sense of how badass governments are.

    -Governments can't pave roads properly, and you expect them to have orchestrated what now?

    The truth is that you're only as strong as your weakest link, and for every Machiavellian mastermind, there are a thousand morons who would give the game away. Hell, I can think of several times when top-secret documents have been left on buses, trains, or barstools. And these are the people who you expect to have covered up an alien crash or something? Yeah right.

  • Ridiculous points made.

    I have yet to come across a conspiracy theory that has true and valid arguments. The most recent conspiracy theory I have seen deeply troubled me. In a Youtube video, the person tried to state that the Boston Massacre is a conspiracy arranged by the government. He went as far as to photoshop a video to try to prove his point. This is what people do to downplay tragedies that happen. People like this take tragedies that involve the deaths of innocent people to try to make a name for themselves.

  • No, they are not valid.

    I've never personally come across one that has been true, so for this reason, I'm marking this as a no. Most of the conspiracy theories out there, or at least the popular ones, are so absurd that it would be mind-blowing if they were ever shown to be true. Mostly people explaining the theories sound paranoid or worse, and there are no facts to back them up whatsoever.

  • Conspiracy theories are not valid.

    You hear, "Elvis is still alive!" People think he just needed a rest and he is still alive on some far away island with Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. People say Tupac is still alive, but we SAW him get gunned down. People try to sensationalize dead celebrities and keep them alive.

  • This question applies to all theories

    A theory is not valid if it is not testable, reproducible and substantiated by objective and empirical evidence. Anecdotal reports, hearsay, the "proof" many ideas labelled as conspiracy theories base their conclusions on are meaningless and inadmissable scientifically. Unless it is testable, unless there is a way it can be objectively shown to be true or untrue (not valid if there is no option which would render it false), it is not valid theory. Until it meets those criteria it rests in the realm of philosophy, theology, ideology, or as something to ponder. But without ability to reproduce the experiment and get the same results, the theory is not testable and not valid.

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