• Yes they are annoying

    Okay my two neighbors on each side of me have to dogs that are constantly barking. I do not know why people find dogs alluring. I personally love cats because they are actually more intelligent than dogs and you dont have to walk them everyday. Also they are the most quite pets you can have. I'm not saying dogs are bad but taking care of them would be a job for me.

  • I find them very annoying, sometimes to the point of disturbing the peace.

    You all have that neighbor, or maybe are that neighbor. The one who lets their dogs bark all day and all through the night without lifting a finger to quiet them down. I have that neighbor and it annoys the hell out of me. Their multiple dogs bark when anyone walks by, or a car drives by, or at absolutely nothing at all. I have grown to hate that sound and don't like dogs much as a result. It keeps me up at night and is so loud I can hear it with headphones on. It seems no matter where I go I cannot escape this problem. I might just set up an alarm that goes off all night and see how they like it.

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