Are Constitutional rights violated when the government monitors phone calls/e-mails/etc?

Asked by: jennabarzak
  • Think About It

    The United States is beautiful and at this present time, peaceful. The government's’ monitoring of it’s citizens’ communications is a way of keeping peace in our country. By doing this, it keeps our country safe from threats that could disrupt the unity of our country forever. By doing this our government is not “intruding our privacy” but it is just making sure the government are taking proper precautions for the greater good of America.

  • Free country isn't it

    How did David Cameron got to be prime minister by promising us that he will protect our privacy but is he no.That means he is breaking his promise that he made in the first place.The government may think that they have power over us but they anyway they would need a warrant.

  • Big invasion of Privacy

    When Government monitors your private communications, it is clearly violating the 4th Amendment and a person's right to privacy. While some people may say this is "good" because we will be protected from terrorism, That is completely false. Imagine if I were to monitor your phone calls, emails and the like: would you still be okay with it (probably not)? This is a clear are of the government enforcing unfair laws, as they have the power to do things that ordinary citizens cannot do.

  • Invasion of privacy

    Its and invasion of privacy. Maybe if it was for someone who didn't deserve privacy, maybe then it would be okay. People are people no matter what they deserve privacy, in their own way. They should be exploited for the governments amusement. It is barbaric and wrong. Would you want someone snooping on you?

  • Without A Warrant

    The Constitution is quite clear on the issue, it prohibits unreasonable searches, seizures, and recognizing Americans' natural right of privacy. If the Government can not establish probably cause, to obtain a warrant they have no lawful authority to do so. The 4th Amendment was largely created to protect the individual from blanket warrants, broad surveillance. So if the government should obtain such information or monitor any method of communication that must have satisfied the requirements the Constitution demands that they do,

  • Be thankful for your protection.

    The government isn't snooping just snooping to snoop. They are "snooping" for our protection. Sure they might come across all the nasty porn Americans search or read our private things, but they only see a number.

    Some may say our freedom of speech is violated when they monitor our phone calls, emails, or computers, but they don't care what if what you say is rude, grotesque, or inappropriate. The government doesn't get any pleasure out of seeing what you type, they simply want to find what is a threat to our country. For example, if you want to kill the president, blow up America, or harm any amount of innocent people. In my opinion, if someone's comments, texts, searches, or emails are a threat to our country, they should be monitored. In fact, they will be monitored! They will follow everything they do until they get enough evidence that they are plotting to perform a dangerous act upon our country as a whole, themselves, or others.

    The government is simply like CPI security and you even have to pay for it with your tax money. Put yourself in a position where someone has been planning to harm a common place where you or your family regularly attend. You would want someone to know. Right? Well without the government monitoring what we do, they wouldn't be aware of the situation.

    Be thankful the government monitors the United States population, for without it our families, country, and our world could experience chaos.

  • No rights are being violated.

    The constitution protects from the government TAKING the information without a warrant, but the government is completely free to ASK for the information from phone, email, and internet companies, and if they voluntarily give the information, then there is no problem. People may respond that it is not the companies mail to give, however, when you sign up for their service, you agree that they can give it away if they are asked (it is going through their servers and systems, and if you didn't bother to read the ToS, sorry, but not sorry).

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