• Consumer Bare Cost

    The economy has not rebounded from the depression of October 2008. Business are passing on to their customers the higher cost of goods, materials and services. Not only has the cost of production and products increased, business are also reducing the size and ingredients of products. Consumers are being forced to cut back as salaries are not keeping pace with the inflation. Consumers are baring the biggest brunt of a slow recovery.

  • I think so!

    Yes! Everything is SO expensive! I know that when things are bought in bulk, they are usually much cheaper than for the price they are sold. What's ridiculous is the things we need the most are the things that are expensive, unless you want a substitute that is made with absolutely no quality.

  • Brainwashed And More

    The average American consumer was long ago brainwashed by consumerism to play a game of keeping of with Joneses. Beyond that they've bought into easy manipulations that they aren't capable of breaking free from. It's called psychological manipulation and the corporations have been using it for years now. Of course consumers are getting a raw deal in the economy. The economy isn't there for the consumers benefit.

  • Yes, consumers are getting a raw deal economically.

    As many economists and other commentators have argued, the economic woes that have followed the financial crash of 2008 amounts to easily the worst depression since the Great Depression of the 1930's. Yet even before the economy started to make a comeback and unemployment numbers started to abate, it's easy to argue that through it all, those at the very top suffered relatively little, and if anything, those who suffered from the crash most besides the employed are average consumers, who have been paying more for just about everything ever since.

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