• The third way

    Oral Contraception are primarily contraceptive, disrupting the monthly cycle and thickening cervical mucus. Fine. But they also thin the uterine lining making rare break-through ovulations a bit less likely to implant. This third effect is abortive. The frequency is low. You're not a mass murderer. You just take out one or two children, perhaps, during your reproductive years.

  • Sometimes.

    First of all, this isn't an opinion. It is a scientific fact that some types of contraception kill the embryo (which technically makes the term "contraception" a misnomer since conception has already taken place). RU486 is an example of a drug that does this. But obviously, not all forms of contraception cause abortion.

  • Not always.

    There are some contraceptives that obviously aren't a form of abortion, but then there are those which are abortificants. The abortificans cause abortions, therefore they are a form of abortion. I'm not really sure how this can even be a question, it's kind of a fact-based query.

  • Not even close.

    Abortion only occurs on an embryo or fetus that has been conceived. Contraceptives usually prevents this conception to begin with, it's not an abortion. If contraceptives were to be considered an abortion based on a baseless argument that some reproductive cells have not achieved fertilization, then masturbation should also be considered an abortion too (or ANY sexual intercourse that has failed to achieve pregnancy).

  • The fetus is never conceived

    No, abortion is the removal of the an embryo or a fetus. When contraceptive is used the eggs are never fertilized and conception never actually happens. The contents of that is shed every month is the normal menstrual period. It is absurd to imply that contraceptives are a form of abortion.

  • Not even close.

    Oral contraceptives or birth control are a means to not get pregnant in the first place, not to terminate an existing pregnancy. Contraceptives make it harder for pregnancy to occur, therefore an abortion would not be warranted. The Abortion pill is not a contraceptive and should not be classified as such.

  • Whadaheck?

    It prevents someone from getting pregnant, eliminating the need for an abortion. Abortion is getting rid of the pregnancy after the person gets pregnant. Very big difference. How the heck would it be an abortion? It is not aborting anything. They dpo not killl a fetus or anything, just prevents pregnancy.

  • Absolutely not

    By definition, a contraceptive is that which prevents conception. If the agent eliminates a zygote after conception it's definition must therefore be changed to abortifacient. There are products that are contraceptives with POTENTIAL abortifacient capability. These are a very tiny percentage of contraceptives and therefore not a basis to define the subject.

  • Contraceptions are definitely not a form of abortion

    Contraception's are NOT a form of abortion. Most contraception's only stop pregnancy from occurring, they don't abort unborn babies. Without contraception's, you would have more and more young girls having babies and not knowing what to do with them. There may be certain ones, such as RU486, but to say that all contraceptive's kill a fetus is an overstatement.

  • Prevention Isn't Abortion

    Many oral contraceptives such as the birth control pill do not cause abortions, they simply make it more difficult for pregnancy to occur. They are not aborting any formed being or fetus, they just make the natural process of conception more difficult. The question refers to contraceptives, not emergency contraceptives. Abortifacients are not classified as contraceptives.

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