• Dude, those ears.

    Come on, you can't NOT say they are. Like, look at their little paws, their beady, adorable eyes, their tube-like bodies, and their mouse-like faces. They're just the most adorable dogs. Like, have you ever just seen one trot down a bike bath with their owner? They look like the happiest dogs on earth.

  • Doxies are so loving

    Corgis shed a lot and pee. Weenie dogs love to cuddle and will be your best friend. They are so amazing and love snuggling under blankets and love kitty cat friends. Corgis are for liberals and communists. I think the queen of England is a terrible chooser of animals. Dachshunds for the win!

  • Own dachshunds myself.

    Dachshunds are adorable, they're very cuddly, like to burrow under blankets and go ratting. Dachshunds are also very loyal, will bark at intruders outside your home, heck, their name is also awesome, dachshund means 'Badger Dog', these little guys WRESTLED and KILLED badgers. Dachshunds are truly courageous, love them to bits.

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