• Yes, But They Should Be Held Accountable

    Sometimes small businesses aren't enough to make the necessary goods and services like computers to help a society. I am not saying corporations are full of saints, but they should be allowed to do business as long as they are playing fair and not violating anyone's rights. As bad as McDonald's is for you, it is wrong to legislate morality. It would cause more problems like a black market for whatever is being sold.

  • Syndication of Corporations.

    Due to the amount of freedoms they have been given they act only for the greater profit and ignore any moral involved. If there were no laws against something a company would be doing it. Right now companies have the power to control the legislation of the country through lobbyists paid by the companies to sway the votes of those involved.

    They have already shown that companies are willing to do any criminal actions as long as their risk of punishment is minimal. Because of the deceleration of companies being considered "individuals" the responsibilities of those in-charge of the company have been moved to an invisible force. There are some companies that can be considered legitimate but under this current system only the CEO and the board can decide if the company should follow a moral path.

  • Corporations are private tyrannies.

    Corporations are wholly illegitimate, tyrannical enterprises. Coupled with the sheer deregulation of the financial markets by the likes of the Reagan and Bush administrations, corporations are effectively given the rights of individual citizens and, as such, are almost completely unaccountable to the public. The first corporations were created as a result of government legislation in the early 20th century which subsidized and gave special privileges to railroad companies. Classical economists and progressives were disconcerted at this behavior and saw the concept of a corporation as an artificial and grotesque entity that posed an authentic harm to society. They had good reason. Corporations are closest thing to the totalitarian model that humans have ever constructed. As MIT professor and philosopher Noam Chomsky notes, corporations are run completely from the top down, people are essentially renting themselves to this collectivist institution and collect a wage for their service. There is absolutely no room for human creativity to flourish. In addition, these entities are bound by law to ignore the social or environmental ramifications of their actions; their only goal is to create as much profit as possible for their shareholders and externalize all other costs. Corporations are destroying our democracy through rulings like Citizens United and unfettered capitalism is only proliferating their power.

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