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  • Everything has been subjected to government intervention

    No longer can a man legally hold his own business anymore, now it's all government-owned. Any transaction a major company makes has to be approved by Washington. Instead of corporations having fair policies, they have to kiss government butt. I don't think a man is the master of his domain in companies anymore.

  • No, They Largely Aren't

    Large corporations have become entities in and of themselves. While incorporation used to be something someone could do to a business to protect themselves, they have taken on lives of their own, and have recently been granted certain rights by the SCOTUS, This is a scary prospect as corporations cannot be jailed and are (in theory) immortal.

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Adam2 says2014-07-15T00:26:03.983
This isn't against tomboys, folks. When I mean "man" I mean it in a poetic way. A man can't run his own business anymore, he now has to answer to the government.