Are corporations taking over our choices of where to: shop, eat and go sightseeing?

Asked by: JRM
  • They rule our lives.

    Yes I do believe corporations are taking over our choices of where we shop, eat and go sightseeing. We may not realize it, but corporations are taking over our psyches and subliminally control and direct us to where we shop, eat and spend our time. It's all about the industry here.

  • It all looks the same!

    When I go on a vacation I like to see new things and eat at different restaurants. The corporate world has taken over. We have no more freedom of choice because they took our choices away. All the cities look the same. Same restaurants, hotels and stores. Our homes have been invaded as well: TV, internet and utility services, few choices! Bring back the small businesses/Ma and Pa shops. Come on America! Lets stop the corporate greed!

    Posted by: JRM
  • No, I don't think so.

    I don't think I have ever really had a corporation contribute to my decisions in any of these things. Simply because large corporations, like Starbucks, are all over the place, does not mean that they are taking over or controlling your decisions. I believe that people still have their free will for all these things.

  • No, but the government is.

    Everyone seems so quick to point fingers at corporations, but I feel that the government is being more intrusive on these things than corporations are. I believe that, for instance, Mayor Bloomberg trying to ban large soft drinks in an example of how the government is trying to take over our choices.

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