• Corporations are much too large, and getting worse.

    The amount of money and property owned by some big businesses is larger than what several world countries own. If that doesn't tell that they have too much power and influence, I don't know what will. As it stands they abuse and use the massive amounts of power and money they carry to manipulate everything from your home town and communities, to federal laws and congressional decisions to all work in their favor. Plus many of them do not provide fair policies to protect their employees from work related mistreatment. Often times using loop holes against them. There quickly needs to be some changes made to balance corporations' power, or else there will be a very small percentage of the population controlling most of the country's money, while others will be suffering from the greed and collateral damage of these corporations.

  • If We Have To Bail Them Out

    Then yes, they are to powerful. There are two sets of society's in this country and pretty much every country. When the top part of the country screws up, such as the big corporations. The bottom part of the country has to do all the sacrificing, to make up for their greediness.

  • They Are Way Too Powerful

    American corporate interests are far too powerful at this moment. They have effectively bought off congress, and they have a small army of lobbyists to martial through the legislation they would prefer. This has a direct impact on the American federal budget. Corporations are subject to tax loop holes the common citizen does not have access to.

  • Corporations are too powerful and we as a society have allowed it to happen.

    I can not imagine what goes on in private in major corporations and companies. All the greed and deceit. High ranking members thinking they deserve bonuses for doing nothing. I am not saying that all are like this, but I do believe a majority are. And we have allowed it to happen. Even if we know the truth behind some corporations, people will still support them if what they provide is convenient.

  • They do good.

    No, corporations are not too powerful, because they do a good job providing a good or service that people want in order to make a profit. No one makes me drive to the gas station to put fuel in my vehicle. Nobody makes me shop at WalMart either. I do these things because the corporations provide things that I want.

  • Corporations Is Powerful

    I personally think that corporations are not too powerful because they might have a lot of people but you must have the right as well as motivated team members to be powerful. I personally think that corporations are not too powerful because they might not be as driven as a sole proprietorship or a partnership.

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